Fairy Drops Part II: Fairy Drops Las Vegas Sweets Volume Burst Waterproof Mascara Review

Following from my earlier review of the Fairy Drops Cream Treatment Lash Base, here comes the Volume Burst Mascara in the waterproof formula (purple tube – the pink tube is the non waterproof film type).

The packaging is just some cardboard but I like the busy design:

Fairy Drops Tokyo Mascara las Vegas Sweets

The mascara comes with that special brush! Have you seen it?

See how it has the special shape? This is supposed to help you hold curl and gets to all the lashes. It’s a really great brush shape although it’s sort of inexplicable why!  Fairy Drops Mascara Volume Burst Review

I think this mascara has fibers but it’s quite subtle.  It’s a lovely deep true back and although it’s a little thick, it’s really, truly does hold curl. To be fair, I have found quite a lot of mascara’s that hold curl these days and they are all a real pain in the butt to remove – every single last one.  This is no exception. I am sure I ordered the non-waterproof version – perhaps I am just going senile, but this one is a bummer to get off.

For some reason (I have been using this for 3 months!) it causes me some lash pain. Really! At the base of my lashes. I believe this happens to me when a mascara is quite ‘hard’ or dries to a very crispy finish.  Mascara’s that hold curl tend to be a little crispy I find – that’s what keeps them up I guess! But anyway, it hurt a little when removing.

No mascara:

Fairy Drops Mascara

Applying mascara:

Fairy Drops Mascara Volume Burst

2 thin coats of mascara:

Fairy Drops Volume Burst mascara

This is a good mascara – no doubt. The have a platinum formula too which I would like to try. But for now this is enough to confirm to me that:

1. Fairy Drops mascara holds curl

2. Fairy Drops mascara is a deep black

3. Fairy Drops volume burst mascara is a rich formula and adds length more than volume

4. Fairy Drops mascara is a bit crunchy and is a pain to remove.

In my eyes this makes this a good mascara like my other favourites, Heroine Make and Sony BC Fiber Lash. But not better. Not special.

A comparison with and without the primer:

Fairy Drops Mascara primer Volume Burst

I’d go for NO primer, personally.
D’oh! I already answered this above! I think Fairy Drops is a good mascara but not quite living up 100% to the hype.  So I wouldn’t buy this again until they release another new formula.
Have you tried Fairy Drops? Do you like it?
I purchased this mascara from adambeauty.com

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  1. says

    The violet type was ALWAYS out of stock when I planned to order it, thus I have all except for this one and it’s definitely the best of them all!

    I was thinking about maybe getting this special teddy bear x Hello Kitty print, but I’d just get it for the sake of my collection, not because I like Hello Kitty, but they’re rather pricey, so…

  2. Jen says

    The brush shape looks interesting, I’m impressed with the results you got with it (without the primer of course)

  3. says

    I got the LTD FairyDrops x HBg one! It was fine at first, but as it got thicker and there was more mascara built up at the opening all of the …hairs (?) on the brush just stuck together and layed flat on the wand…

    I hope it doesn’t happen to you D: Thanks for the review though!

  4. says

    wow, i just looooove this!! i neeed it NOW >O< i'm a sucker for mascara i need to slow down my shopping stuff hehe xD. People pleeeease!!! what happened to the blog mymakeupreviews.blospott.com ????? I kind miss Jojoba =/ sad =~~~ /. Anyone knows something??