Fairy Drops Part 1: Fairy Drops Las Vegas Sweets Creamy Treatment Lash Base Review

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday…

This week has been hectic and so I’ve been going through my archives to see what I have been meaning to talk about.  Can you believe I forgot to talk about my experiences with the legend that is the Fairy Drops mascara!?

Fairy Drops mascara comes in many formulas now – when I bought it, the packaging had been renewed to the Las Vegas Sweets design!  I bought a primer, called the Creamy Treatment Lash Base and the Volume Burst Mascara in the waterproof formula. That review will be up in about an hour.

The primer is in the white tube:

Fairy Drops Creamy Treatment Lash Base Review 1

Credit to Fairy Drops, the always make the packaging significantly different for each formula so there’s no mix up.  

The big seller, the reason why this mascara got noticed in the first place is it’s brush. 

The brush has 3 domes, it looks like…you don’t want to know what I think it looks like. Photo of the brush (which is identical to the mascara) in the next post.

The brush is cool, it’s nice to look at and it works well, but it’s not perfect. I mean, it doesn’t get to the really small hairs but I still prefer it to many other shapes, even if I don’t know what the true benefit is.

The creamy treatment primer provides volume and holds curl.  It is waterproof and contains fibres – lots and lots and lots of them. Check out this thick, grey, gloopy formula:

Fairy Drops Mascara Creamy Lash Primer Base Essence

Here it is being applied on my lashes – it really adds length to the ends and the greyish colour isn’t too bad:

Fairy Drops Lash Primer Essence

Once it dries it becomes less greyish.  Nevertheless, it is crying for some mascara!

Fairy Drops Mascara Lash Base Primer

Gah! I added 1 coat of Fairy Drops Volume Burst – and I’m not happy! It does that thing that some primers do when they are very fibre based – they fray at the ends, like badly cut wire. It looks uneven and messy – ok fair enough that can be my application but I did try a few times and it was just a bit of a faff.

And it did irritate my eyes – fibre mascara is not a great idea for sensitive eyes but I can live with some formulas.

Fairy Drops Mascara Primer

They do look very thick, but I am not happy with the finish. At this point i still prefer my basics, like the Shiseido lash primer.

On the plus side – unlike 90% of western mascaras this does NOT weigh my lashes down.  Considering how thick it is, this is a great achievement.  But I am just not pleased with the clumpy finish.

From the side:

Fairy Drops Mascara Primer 1


This primer is ok – it is NOT the worst I have tried since it holds curl, but it’s not quite there – at least not when used with a Fairy Drops mascara. I am going to try this with more of a lengthening mascara, as I feel this plus a volume mascara is just too much for me…like having chips with mash.

I bought this from adambeauty.com

Come back in a bit and read my review of the mascara, and if I it worked better on its own!

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