Fairy Drops Mineral Powder Vanilla Puff Gold Bronzer Review

Everyone knows that Fairy Drops makes fierce mascara with the funny brush but did you know they also have a range of lip glosses and powders?! Neither did I! (What you did? Shush).

Fairy Drops Vanilla Puff powders come in these annoying pot things where you tap it to get the product to travel through to the puff. These are supposed to be handy, I find them damn annoying and bulky.

Anyway here it is – it comes in Ocher, Dark Ocher, Sparkle and Gold Bronzer. I got Gold Bronzer:


The packaging is super cute, love it! I don’t really know why I bought another bronzer, I have so many lovely ones already but I guess I wanted to see if their powder products are any good. This is the packaging –


There’s a mirror at the top, and the sponge is nice and…spongy. Like I said, I find this cumbersome and annoying to use but I guess it removes the need for…a brush!?

Gold Bronze sounds sparkly but it’s surprisingly subtle:


Open it up and remove the protective plastic. The powder is a really good colour! Not too orange, not too shimmery but not too flat. Nice and blendable and quite natural. I like!

This powder is supposed to be largely natural like a mineral powder and has squalene to create a smoother, hydrating powder:


You have to keep tapping it until the powder comes through – like some kind of patchy skin disease. Did I tell you I don’t like this kind of packaging?! This one is not that bad because the powder comes through easily but I don’t think it’s accurate enough to apply blusher with…

The Gold Bronze shade is more of a contour colour anyway, I wouldn’t wear this on my cheek like I would with a softer, more shimmer bronzer.




It’s a surprisingly nice colour for Asian skins or skins that already have some olive in them.

Ingredients list:



A nice product in stupid packaging. I bought this from Adambeauty.com for about £15 I think.

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  1. Pam says

    Did you review the Fairy Drops mascaras and I missed them? I finally saw that special edition curl and volume mascara on Adambeauty but haven’t gone for it yet because I was waiting for your review on it. I bought the mascara base and the volume burst and both were floppers. I was really disappointed. Would love to know your thoughts on their mascara. It seems that what works on you works for me, too. My go to right now is the Integrate volume and curl but I’m always curious about others.