Salon Waxing at home? Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review, My Hairy legs and Pre Launch at Boots!

Veet’s newest invention is the EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit, a heat up roll on wax dispenser type contraption, that evenly spreads the product over your hairy bits so they are easy to wax. Ta da!

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit

I like every kind of gadget, even more so beauty ones and although I am not a big waxer (not that hairy…or at least that’s what the gorilla told me)but I do a lot of waxing for the hairy ladies in my family (legs mainly, no where personal, that’s just weird….).

The unit, comes with a base stand an a refill which should last for 4 waxing sessions (ie. both your legs per session). They will be bringing out an alternative refill size for smaller areas like the bikini line too.

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review

The inside of the machine; it’s quite a heavy old thing and you can see the metal which presumably heats up and softens the wax:

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review 1

The wax – which is solid at this point, clicks into place quite easily:

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review

Here is where the unit is charged:

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review 2

How the head looks once plugged in:

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review 3

Now, to start using this unit you need to leave it plugged in for 20 minutes so that the wax heats up, then you just roll it on your skin to use, like with regular wax.
During the 20 minutes, the whole unit heats up so it’s quite warm to hold.  You can’t allow this wax to come in contact with water because for some reason it will become ineffective – also it won’t come off with water you need to use their wipes (like with usual wax really).
Ok, something I learned the hard way – after 20 minutes the unit got quite warm so I pulled the plug out and started to use the wax – it really dragged on my skin.  So, you have to leave it plugged in the whole time – this keeps the wax soft.  You’ll know if it’s right if it just glides across your skin, it should’t drag at all.

I guess I thought if it stayed plugged in it would get too hot and burn, but I think the unit retains at plateau temperature, therefore it gets to the optimum heat and stays here. Having said that, do give the wax a tap with your finger and see if the temperature is ok for you – everyones skin is different. It felt quite hot to me at first but then I got used to it.
How it looks as it’s coming out!
Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review 4
What I did like about this unit was how uniform the application of the wax was – it was almost like using a wax strip and spreading it straight on the skin! It also only left a thin layer on the skin, presumably the optimum amount.
My first rips were not sucessful; because I had pulled to cord out and the wax was getting hard. Once I plugged it back in, the was was more putty like, more emollient and almost sticky.  When it’s texture was like this it did a great job!

The wax sheets you get with the kit are thin papery ones which work well and I got a clean wax with it.  It also hurt so-so and my skin looked a LOT calmer than when I used the on the go waxing strips (I always get red bumpy itchy skin for an hour after using them).
Ok are you ready to see my hairy legs?

I’m actually showing you this so you can see how the product spreads on the skin!

As a rule I remove any hair from my legs when I can be arsed which is, once every fews months, unless it’s the summer in which case, I will spare people’s eyes.  Otherwise I don’t have majorly hairy legs, and my ma goes on about it growing back thicker, yada yada….
So this my leg after not waxing for errrr…..well since August.  You’ll have to marry me after you’ve seen this, ok?
Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review 5
So I spread the product and pull back the strip – clean! A great wax. Don’t know where you’d buy replacement strips from – do they sell these from boots? Any ideas?
Also the wax doesn’t smell of anything, just like plain wax.
It’s all very low waste which is good…
Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review 6
When you are finished just let the unit cool down and put the lid back on.
So pros and cons time!
1) The unit is easy to use, just plug and and it’s ready. No mess unlike with pot waxes which I generally can’t be bothered using.
2) It gets the wax to the best temperature so no burning yourself or guessing if something is too hot.
3) It spread the wax very neatly and in a uniform way, and the right amount.
4) The finish is very clean and it was good for my sensitive skin too.
1) It takes 20 minutes to warm up and needs to stay plugged in, therefore you need to have the time and the electricity to use it!  You can’t quickly whip off some strays with this.
2) The unit and refills could add up to more than buying waxing strips (depending on how many strips you use per session. I can use 1 strip sometimes, one side per leg).
3) Takes a bit of getting used to when rolling, it can feel somewhat heavy in the hand, and the roller might feel like it’s dragging.

Overall this is a cool gadget (I believe Nair have a roll on wax too but it isn’t heated) and it genuinely does spread the wax in a way that isn’t possible to do with a spatula at home (unless you are Arezoo, of course). Therefore if you are one of those people who religiously waxes or goes to the salon a lot and you’re finding it costs too much, this could definitely be part of your monthly routine. The finish is really smooth, better than with a normal wax strip.
Having said that I will keep ready to go strips on me, because they are easy for when you spot the odd stray hair an don’t have the time but I imagine if you wax with this you won’t need to touch up for a good few weeks.
Now, this product isn’t officially released until next year, but Boots will be doing a pre-launch exclusive on Wednesday 23rd November (that’s tomorrow) where there will be 300 of these gadgets on sale from 12.30 on their website,  The kit costs £29.99.
*PR Sample
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  1. Jen says

    “you’ll have to marry me after you’ve seen this” made me laugh so much!! Just like in those ancient Chinese tv series lol

  2. says

    Interesting, I only ever use wax strips on my brows. The bumpy aftermath put me off using it on my legs. I still shave mine and sometimes in summer brave the epilator! The pores are more open so it doesn’t feel as brutal!!

  3. says

    I wonder if you can use different brands of wax cartrides in the heater? Would be so good if you could… At least then you get more choice of the wax you use!!

  4. grumps says

    Hi guys

    This product works on the legs….but if any of you are considering using it for the bikini area….stay well away! wax catches on hair and does spread evenly (or at all sometimes) and the strip often doesn’t seem to catch the wax – meaning you have to try two or three times to pull the hair. I’ve been self waxing my bikini for 8 years – stay away if you plan on using it in this area.

    Really sorry to have hijacked your review but I don’t want anyone else to waste their money if their primary use will be the bikini area.

  5. Imogen says

    Hey! You can wash and reuse the wax strips- that’s why you can’t find anywhere to buy them from! So it’s great for saving money as well!