Review: Deception by Dremu

So I have already decided that I love Emu Oil on the face – and the entire range of Dremu products looks rather intriguing.

So I tried Deception – a wrinkle hiding cream:

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Deception is a wrinkle hiding cream – it doesn’t pretend to remove them, but makes them look better and the addition of Emu Oil keeps everything moisturized.

It is little known that the human eye cannot see ‘a wrinkle’. What the eye sees is the shadow made by the wrinkle. Since the billions of microscopic nanoprisms in Deception refract light, there are no shadows (or wrinkles) to be seen. It is also true that we get wrinkles because as we get older we start to lose the collagen in the skin. The emu oil in Deception not only moisturises but also stimulates the re-growth of the skin’s essential collagen.

You get 15ml for £35 but it feels like a huge pot:


This is like botox in a jar which is good because I would never have botox. It’s a toxin, people! Plus needles hurt. Plus, have you seen Nicole Kidman/Danni Minogue/Angelina’s shiny tight foreheads? Yak.

The FAQ:

What is Deception wrinkle hiding cream?

Deception temporarily hides wrinkles and it does that by reflecting light. Wrinkles are not visible to the human eye – the shadow the wrinkle creates is visible. Deception contains tiny particles of silicon. The cream soaks into wrinkles and the silicon reflects light much like a mirror does. Because the light is reflected, there is no shadow, therefore there is no perception of the wrinkle. This effect lasts only until the cream is washed off (no special cleanser is needed). The silicon does not have any adverse effects.
How do I apply Deception?

Proper application is critical for the effect.

Deception is the very last thing to put on (if you cover it with another product it will not work). You only want to apply Deception over lines and wrinkles. With a tiny bit on the tip of your finger, gently glide it over the line or wrinkle you wish to hide. Do not rub or massage it in. Do not dab it on. Only glide in the same direction. If you see a white film, you’ve applied too much. Just continue gliding it in the same direction until the white film disappears. You will see the effects in about 15 seconds.

How long does Deception last?

Until it is washed off. It’s not water proof so any source of water (rain, pool) will wash it off.

Where can I use Deception?

Deception can be used anywhere there are lines or wrinkles you wish to hide. It is safe and gentle enough to use around the eyes as well.
Can I use Deception with other products (moisturizer, makeup)?

In general yes. Always remember, Deception must go on last. It may smear foundation or makeup so it is best to test. If applying over foundation or makeup, let the foundation or makeup dry first for about 30-60 seconds.

Will Deception hide age spots?

No it will not. Deception reflects light from wrinkles. Dremu oil will dissolve age spots tho not immediately.

Will Deception make wrinkles go away permanently?

No. Dremu oil used for 4-6 weeks will begin to regrow collagen and plump out wrinkles. If your goal is to permanently get rid of wrinkles, we suggest using Dremu oil. Deception has some emu oil in it, but not enough to give you the full benefits. Deception is a wrinkle hiding cream. The effects are temporary.

Ingredients: Emu oil and light refracting microprisms, Deinonized Water, Acrylate Copolymer and Glycerin, Hydrogenated Polybutane, Dimethicone, Polysorbate 60, Petrolatum, Sorbitol, Cetyl alcohol, Sorbitan Stearate, Neopemtyl, Glycol Diheptanoate, Isocecyl Neopentanoate, Stearyl alcohol, Diazolidinyl urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.


I like this product although it took me a few goes to get used to it. My only big facial wrinkle is my laughter lines (boo hoo!) so I used it on there. You have to remember it goes on top of everything, even foundation and powder and you only need a bit and it can’t be rubbed in, just dabbed on top.

I noticed my wrinkles and skin getting a bit softer too, after the product was removed. So no major advances (the product states it won’t do that for you anyway, its about DECEPTION) but it was still fun to use and it particuraly shows up in photos where wrinkles appear less apparent.

All in all a good product. I prefer the face oil for really good, boosting effects but Deception feels like a treat to use.

You can buy it here.

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    I think i would just use emu oil, it’s lot cheaper and doesn’t have preservatives.
    And also to let you know that i nominated you for the TripleAwards! Check my blog for more info

    • Row says


      I have a cheaper alternative coming up for review :)

      Aww thanks so much! I will go to the blog to check out this tripleawards thing – do I get a puppy?! x