Competition Winners & Whats Coming up!

Hallo! Just to announce that next week is Skincare week – there will be a review a day on various skincare ranges and products I have been trying out these last 6 months or so. It has played havoc with my skin I have to say. I have learnt some things, like how the price of something DEFINITELY does not mean that its great. I also got my mama and aunties in on the act […]

3 Cool Things for the Weekend!


As a general rule, I don’t think cool stuff should happen on a Friday.  It should happen on a Monday, when we’ve lost the will to live.   Anyway, 3 rather cool announcements! 1. Every Monday I will be now organising a give away! (Unless I can’t because I’m not here obviously!).  That’s right!  Every depressing Monday there will be a giveaway on Cosmetic Candy! 2. On Cosmetic Candy Shop, from Monday 2nd March for one week […]

RMK Spring Translucence Mini Haul


I went to RMK today to have a look at the Spring Translucence range.. It was a very meh collection – as pretty as the above multi use palette looked it was utterly, utterly unpigmented. The same for the eyeshadows, (at £20 each) were a pointless purchase. However – all is not lost. The lipstick and glosses (all non-LE) were STUNNING. I usually got for Lipstick C which has a gorgeous moisturizing texture. For a […]

Instyle 2009 Top Beauty List


I haven’t bought a woman’s magazine for months – they are always full of the same rubbish… “10 ways to spot if he’s cheating” “Are you aging badly?” “The best sex tips of girls EVER” “Does he love you?” “Will you die old and lonely? 10 ways to spot the signs” All the general negative rubbish. But I digress. I bought InStyle which is one of the better magazines for not have loads of adverts […]

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

I am so utterly obsessed with Illamasqua that I am in danger to getting bored of the brand before I even get started with it.  I can’t look at another brand, I can’t comprehend spending on anything else untill I own every damn shade in their range. I stare at the colours on the website dreamily, imagining which combinations I should own.  But never fear…my favourite Make up artist in the whole wide world is […]

Valentine’s Gift Idea! Illamasqua


Seeing as I will probably get a ham sandwich for Valentine’s Day, I may as well drop some hints. My new love is Illamasqua, right? Well they have 3 Valentine’s gift sets which should suit every useless boyfriend: They Say: Illamasqua celebrates revealing your alter ago and brings you the perfect must-have Valentine’s gifts. With three amazing products including a pre-filled 4-Colour Lip Palette, a pre-filled Valentine’s Palette and a Femme Fatale Kit – it’s […]

Bizarre Dreams & Hauling Time

It’s that time of the year when the Spring collections will pop their head up to say Hello!  Nothing from the major brands are grabbing me and whilst some of the Japanese ranges are, but not enough for me to exchange my £££ for very few $$$.  Instead I think I will do a illamasqua haul and see if I can stop myself from buying anything else this month! Meanwhile – my infectious skin disease […]

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