Guest Review: Summer tests myface cosmetics eye shadow trio midnight hour

Today, 16 year old Summer will be reviewing myface cosmetics eyeshadow trio in midnight hour for us – the palette is a mixture of white, sparkly grey and black.


The packaging is quite nice but it’s really shiny so it gets covered in finger prints after one use! There is a small mirror inside however, it’s not really an eye-shadow that can be used on the go as it’s quite bitty and left me with a light dusting of colour below my eyes.

You get a mini-brush with the palette also, which is quite a nice change from a sponge applicator but it’s really, really tiny so quite tricky to actually apply make up with (even with my tiny hands!!!)


The lightest shade is not very pigmented and I don’t like it at all, it seems almost clumpy when applied even just using a light coating however the medium colour is lovely a fairly well pigmented it’s a nice metallic grey, almost a gun metal grey and it’s quite pretty. The smoky eye look is easily achieved using this colour and I would use it again!

The darkest colour is a black which looks matte in the palette but seems to have a hint of shimmer when swatched. It’s quite a nice colour and blends well with they grey.


On the whole I like 2 out of 3 colours which is good, however more time is spent wiping of excess eye-shadow that has fallen onto my face than actually applying it (even after a very light sweep of the brush and blowing to get rid of excess colour) which is a downside and it’s quite time consuming. I would use the grey and black again though.

Thanks so much for your review Summer :)

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    Hello Ladies!

    JUst wanted to share a wonderful website I found will all of you! they seem to have fantastic prices on the majority of the brands that I use…Chanel, Oribe, D&G and Kinerase (mostly American). Best of luck!