Celebrity Collaborations; Paloma Faith for Shu Uemura Collection, Yay or Nay?

I had a brief look on the Shu Uemura counter yesterday and got cornered by a SA – a very sweet SA and ended up making some purchases.

I also saw the Paloma Faith collection which is an exclusive to Selfridges! I love Paloma Faith!


The collection is made up of a Rouge Unlimited Lipstick (£19.50), black gel
eyeliner (£19.50) and limited edition lashes (£55) and palette (£57) for a collection with a classic 50’s style statement.

I was disappointed to find that the black gel liner and red lipstick are from the core collection and apart from some lettering on the gel liner. I resisted both since I have plenty of red lipsticks and gel liners to use up!

The lashes are spectacular though, for a special occasion, and the palette is ok, if not a bit dull (a charcoal and a pale white/silver and pink blush) – the new Morphorium palettes are better value at £39 I think.

Overall I love Paloma – I wish they’d more effort and reformulated the red so that it was unique to this collection, even if it was just slightly.

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. Patty says

    Maybe it’s more interesting for people that want to be introduced to the brand. I’m not that keen, really and I am a big Shu fan.

  2. Jen says

    I think the packaging is quite sleek, I’m liking the 50’s art deco-type style. But the colours for me are a bit uninspiring, especially seeing as it’s a Paloma faith collection…everytime I see her in the press she’s always wearing bright and cheerful colours, so the colours in this collection I dont really associate with her, apart from the red lippy and bling eyelashes. I think they should have gone for a bright green and coppery orange or something in the palette lol