Frangipani Body & Hair Hydrator! Melvita Monoi Dry Oil Review

My 5 favourite smells in the world:

1. Coffee. Doesn’t have to be freshly brewed, it just have to have the sweet scent of caffeine

2. Bacon. The really fatty bacon.

3. Mr C’s left cheek. Smells like babies for some reason, maybe he eats them secretly.

4. Hong Kong. It has a tang to the air, I love it.

5. Monoi Oil. I think it’s the Tahitian Gardenia or something, but it’s just gorgeous.

So I was so excited to get my hands on a Melvita Monoi Dry Oil (I also love Dry Oils as the absorb quickly) to review.


It comes in a glass spray container where you get a generous 125ml for £18.

They say:

Monoi Dry Oil is ideal for hydrating and helping repair skin after sun exposure. Our Monoi Oil contains a blend of two repairing actives – Oceanian Saffron and Amazoniam Roucou Oil. This oil can be massaged all over the body and the hair.

The oil is obtained by macerating Tiare Flowers in Coconut Oil – giving a naturally dry oil texture. The oil has a delicate frangipani scent.

First off this Monoi Dry Oil has a lovely rich texture – it’s very hydrating indeed on the skin and absorbs quickly:


It has such a rich colour to it…Ta Da! See how it just disappears?


Hydration is great, is absorbs quickly – it really works a treat on the hair too adding gloss and shine when used SPARINGLY.

But there is one thing that bugs me and it’s that the scent – whilst is a nice light floral one – isn’t quite strong enough. By the way I simply love the scent of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or oil and also Nars Monoi Body Glow (but it’s a lot dearer than Nuxe).

Nuxe’s smells a lot stronger and is a lot nicer than this one which is plain in comparison.

For me, the scent makes the Monoi oil so it’s a little disappointing.



Overall – this is a good product if you don’t mind a really subtle Monoi scent, and want a good value product as the price for the quantity you get is excellent.

The product is sold here.

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