Posh Soap! Melvita Algascience Exfoliating Bath Soap Review


Melvita’s latest range is called Algascience, a range for exfoliating and firming the skin just in time for summer! I just love the blue colour scheme of this range – I know that sounds strange but I find it a very calming blue! This exfoliating soap is a large sized bar with red seaweed particles and lichen carragaheen which expands when it comes in contact with water. I used this in a shower though as […]

Myroo Skincare Shea & Coconut Body Butter: Nothing to do with Kangaroos


So I had a facial a week ago (will review it later on) which seemed to remove a layer of my skin or something…to cut a long story short, that night I saw a black head, squeezed it and the next day I had a deep purple scar on my cheek – MY CHEEK! – where I had squoozeeennn it. It was my fingernail marks too – I do this quite a lot and seriously, […]

Monster Mash, Pumpkin Scrub and Holy Water Body Butter; Enchanted Bath, Body & Waxworks Review


So I like my smelly bath stuff but I’m not looney into it like some – however, I was rather excited and giddy about these home made bath products made by Enchanted Bath, Body & Waxworks, a small UK company who make sugar scrubs, perfume oils, moisturisers and a plethora of bath goodies. I was sent a lunch box style Halloween box – had no idea what would be inside: I love the little touches […]

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Deep Moisture Comfort Balm Review


I like Neutrogena…I remember my mum and aunts being obsessed with a blue face wash they did (they don’t sell it in the UK anymore but they do in the US and Canada…my aunt stockpiled them recently!). I love their face wash – it’s so good and non drying. Anyway I’ve had this Deep Moisture Comfort Balm for months and months. It’s not even near the end of it’s life yet amazingly: This comes in […]

Frangipani Body & Hair Hydrator! Melvita Monoi Dry Oil Review


My 5 favourite smells in the world: 1. Coffee. Doesn’t have to be freshly brewed, it just have to have the sweet scent of caffeine 2. Bacon. The really fatty bacon. 3. Mr C’s left cheek. Smells like babies for some reason, maybe he eats them secretly. 4. Hong Kong. It has a tang to the air, I love it. 5. Monoi Oil. I think it’s the Tahitian Gardenia or something, but it’s just gorgeous. […]

Monday Competition! 3 Full Sets of Dove Visible Care & Visible Effects Products


What’s a great way to beat the Monday blues? Why, enter my Monday Giveaway of course! Today I am offering three winners a full set of Dove’s newest launch, Visible Care Body Washes and a full set of Visible Effects Body Lotion and Hand Cream. So that’s FIVE products for THREE lucky people! Visible Care comes in three different formulas, Softening, Renewing and Brightening. They say: A body wash that promises to give you more […]

Moisturizer in a Tin? Spa Paradisa Body Balm Review


Benefit Cosmetics must be doing something right, because so many other brands seem to rip off their design ideas and packaging. Here today, we have a Spa Paradisa Body Balm product which sits in a tin – very similar to Benefit Bathina Body So Fine Body Balm. I do like Benefit’s offering a lot because I adore the scent. Other than that, I find it a bit of a time consuming thing to use regularly. […]

Dr Bronner’s Organic Body/Tattoo Balm and Lip Balm


I like Dr Bronner product quite a lot – I bought some of his Magic Soap a while ago and it was pretty cool (its a liquid soap that can be used for all kinds of things – body wash, shampoo, face wash, hand wash etc.) Its basically Castile soap (made with Olive Oil)…its not very easy to make yourself but maybe one day I’ll teach you how… Anyway here is the Dr Bronner Organic […]

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