Review: Wild Organics Marshmallow Butter Sugar Scrub

Ever since I went to the spa I have have been more interested in body care goodies, especially scrubby, oily, salty, creamy concoctions.

Now – I do like scrubs but I have been looking for the one. I find a lot of them quite harsh (especially when there’s just chunks of sugar or salt in them. I’ve tried one that was just like rock salt. Ouch.)

I was sent this Wild Organics Marshmallow Sugar Scrub to try out and recently popped it open:

wild organics.jpg

I love the name of it – Marshmallow Butter…makes me think of fluffy clouds. Yes…that’s right, I thought that Mashmallows only existed in white, pink and blue form and were made for topping up my hot chocolates.

Why Marshmallow:

* Wild organic marshmallow is rich in minerals and vitamin B and is a renowned skin-soother.

* Marshmallow Butter Sugar Scrub is fragranced with a delicate, caring blend of organic essential oils.

Let’s get some technical details out of the way first.

wild organics-1.jpg

I didn’t think I was anal about the ingredients in my beauty items but I am, I really am. Wild Organics is a good brand in that it is free from a lot of chemicals that make me itch to death.

The range is free of:

* parabens and harsh preservatives
* artificial colourants, perfume and fragrances
* mineral oils, petroleum, propylene glycol
* chemical foaming agents such as Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate
* pesticide or herbicide residues

Wild organics-2.jpg

So it kind of looks soft like a marshmallow….This scrub is different from the plethora I have tried recently. The majority of those ones as I said earlier, are very scrubby and have a oil base. Its quite a nice effect but just a bit harsh for me.

This scrub is different. Its a soft scrub, not a really madly exfoliating one.

When you stick your finger it its almost like soft bread – get the product out and it starts to melt because you can really feel the butters that are present in the scrub.

Once the butters are melting on the skin it works as an excellent moisturiser (I didn’t need cream after using this) and the sugar granules are quite fine.

See it melting on my skin:

scrub wild organics marshmallow.jpg


I have lots and lots of scrubs, this is the first one in a long time that I have really liked because they haven’t been afraid to products quite a soft, gentle scrub which moisturises well too.

If you want a mega scrubby scrub to get rid of lots of dead skin this won’t be exfoliating enough for you. But if you want something for dry, delicate, sensitive skin or something you can use regularly without irritation this is it.

You can buy it here for £28.00.

Wild Organics also donates 10% of profits to The Freedom from Fistual Foundation charity for African Women. I’ve had a look at the stie and its very much a worthwhile cause if you are looking at any new charities to support:

A fistula usually occurs during an obstructed labour when emergency care is unavailable.

Women suffering from obstructed labour often struggle until the baby dies and during this agonising process, loss of circulation causes tissue to die, leaving large gaps between the birth canal and bladder or rectum, causing incontinence.

Most women suffering with obstetric fistula are ostracised by their families and communities as they smell and are constantly wet, leaving them to live as outcasts.

In the West, obstetric fistulas do occur occasionally but there are teams of medical professionals to care for the mother and baby and to repair the fistula straight away.

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