How to take lip stick off easily! Kanebo Lip Fresh Make Up Remover Solution Review

There’s a reason why I have been avoiding doing lip swatches for a while; because it is such a pain to put lipstick on and take it back off again! I certainly found that it hurt my lips a lot, and they started to hurt and flake after a while.

Also I hate how long lasting lipsticks dry and stick to my lips sometimes! Terrible! Then I spotted this teeny product on Adambeauty. It’s called Kanebo Lip Fresh and is supposed to help cleanse the lips.

Kanebo Lip Fresh

Think it’s a fab idea! I don’t like using regular cleanser on my lips, it doesn’t taste nice for one thing, and the texture feels a bit wrong sometimes!

Lip Fresh is just a clear, scentless liquid.  It doesn’t taste bad – it doesn’t taste of anything so that is a bonus.

When I did my last lip swatches I put this Kanebo Lip Fresh to the test and it really worked!

Here is an example – Red pigmented lipstick! A nightmare to take off:

Kanebo Lip Fresh Lipstick remover

I put a small amount of the Lip Fresh on a tissue, held it over my bottom lip for about 10 seconds then pulled it away. The point of this product, to me, is so that I don’t have to tug and scrub at my lips.


Kanebo Lip Fresh 1

Looks a bit wrong!

Here is how it looks after quickly removing some of the lip colour. It did a great job; no dryness, no flaking and also very little effort required:

Kanebo Lip Fresh 2

The Lip Fresh just seemed to leave my lips super clean without making them uncomfortable and dry! You only get a small amount but then again, it is cheap and it’s not like I lip swatch or wear dark colours regularly.
Well worth it for lovers of dark and long lasting lipsticks.
Because Adambeauty is a nightmare to navigate, here is the link to the product.
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  1. I’m not sure about price comparison but MAC wipes are the only wipes I’ve tried that also are great at removing lip products :)