Haul: Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card in Pink Innocent and Eye Base Essentials

Despite being a make up junkie, I have to say I didn’t own anything from Trish McEvoy...until now!

I guess Trish is not like MAC or Illamasqua, it doesn’t come and punch you in the face for attention, nor it doesn’t have the reach of huge brands like Dior and Chanel…its just not a brand I have paid attention too. But they have some nice bits!

trish mcevoy.jpg

Read on for more images!The Eye Base Essentials is something I had heard of and is a liquid shadow/base primer. I love eye primers! I actually have some kind of disease called buyinprimeritis.

I was very sensible and didn’t buy the shimmer gold eye base, since that would make my eyes all shiny and googly, I got the base in Linen, which is flesh toned:

trish eye base essentials.jpg

So far so good – one quick layer of this evens out my skintone around the eyes and it blends nicely. On its own, I noticed it creased a little in the fold of my eye by the end of the day but with shadow on top, its great. I paid £15 for it

The Little Black Book I got is fab! At £45 its a little steep but I love anything that has everything in one place!

trish mcevoy double decker.jpg

Top layer of the double decker has a bronzer, blush, a highlighter type powder, a shadow and a liner.

trish mcevoy little black book.jpg

The bottom has a rose lip colour, a darker pink and a sparkly pink gloss. There is also two concealers which are quite light and can be used as cream foundations.

So apart from mascara, this could have everything you need for your face!

trish mcevoy-1.jpg

I am tempted to buy the LE brush kit too – you get a pouch and four mini brushes in the kit for £55. The pouch can house the brushes and the pocket card which leaves you with the pouch that comes with this palette:

trish mcevoy-2.jpg

…for my business cards. That’s right – I’m justifying the purchase of another product because I need a new business card holder!

I will let you know how I get on with this palette – so far so good, everything feels creamy and pigmented. Trish reminds me a bit of the Bobbi Brown kind of genre – colours might not be madly exciting but the quality means its the brand you go to for staple items.

The girl on the counter (can’t remember her name) also did a very very very impressive cat eyeliner on me using the transformation liquid and a dark powder shadow liner..

“Ooh” she said, “You’re keeping really still for me…a lot of women can’t help buy blink and move about when you put eye make up on them.”

“Ahh,” I said, “I’ve done this before….”

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