Blinc Haul: Blinc Mascara, Eyeliner, Primer & Curler

I remember when Blinc Mascara first launched – it was grey and was one of the first mascara’s that formed tubes around your lashes that washed off with warm water.

It was one of the first mascara’s I used regularly, because before I discovered Japanese mascara’s, the usual brands ran on me leaving panda eyes. Blinc certainly didn’t leave any panda-ness. I revisited the brand and got a few core items:

blinc mascara.jpg

They’ve expanded but not too much. Does it still stand up to the test?….

The Mascara (which I got in purple) is like I remembered it but more lengthening. My main gripe with it back there was that its a very very natural mascara. I have no complaints about its lasting power or the fact it does indeed come of easily with a bit of warm water.

It’s my mum and aunts staple mascara – they won’t use anything else. I found it quite a comforting mascara to use in that I knew it wouldn’t be a bummer to get off and there would be no running.

If I have a criticism about it, its that it made my lashes feel a little dry on. It didn’t flake on me, but I did feel it lacked a bit of gloss:

blinc mascara-1.jpg

In terms of the fact that its a very natural mascara, the primer helped a lot. Its a whitish primer that I used on the ends of the lashes – with the mascara on top I had the amount of volume and length I wanted. Overall though, Blinc I think is more lengthening than volumizing. Perhaps they need to launch a thickening version of the mascara?

blinc lash primer.jpg

I LOVE the liquid eyeliner (by the way, the mascara and liner come in a few staple colours, black, brown, blue, purple).

Oh yes – this liquid liner is very deep and true, and it stays on and washes off like the mascara. (I used this in the 50s tutorial). HIGHLY recommended, as I hate liquid liners that aren’t a true black or run:

blinc eyeliner.jpg

I don’t use heated eyelash curlers on their own but this is great for setting the mascara.

So I curl with curlers, primer, mascara then use this heated one over that to set it – it does make a difference. Takes about 2 minutes to heat up – recommended again. There are some cheaper versions of heated curlers mind, but so far, this is the best one I have found because it gets got enough.

blinc heated lash curler.jpg

All in all, I can see why this brand is still going strong and why so many women swear by it. It genuinely won’t run on you, and at the same time, comes off easily. If it could improve on anything, it would be the fact that it is quite natural.

You can buy the range here.

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