Boo Boo of the week:


All has been solved so I’ll say they are quite an honourable company to buy from. The only thing that they should change is the fact that the reuturn cost of a damaged item comes from the customer.

Beauty Eshop-8.jpgSo I made an order the end of last week for this cherry scented lip gloss/balm fro for £8.49.

Generally I have no issues with them, they are fast with shipping and what not but when this lip balm arrived it had leaked all over. Inside the case, in the base. The thing I noticed is that the balm is quite liquid and it could just not be suitable for this kind of packaging.

So they said they would send me a new one if I forwarded a tracking number. I did and the next day a new one arrived…with leakage! Nothing major this time but the balm had started coming out of the applicator and was dripping a bit onto the sides.

Nothing major. I could have wiped it and kept it. But I was thinking if its leaking in any way I don’t ever want to leave it in my make up bag or handbag.

Nothing more annoying than gunky stuff all over your belongings.

So back it went. Spend £3 on return shipping. Not heard anything yet.

Got an email saying this can happen when:

1. The Base is not securely clicked back into place and

2. Excessive periods spent in heat

Well – I hadn’t touched either, since the moment I saw the leaky mess I put them back into the box, disgusted. So the base was not the issue.

And excessive heat….if it has been under excessive heat, it can’t have been whilst it was in England.

I hate it when companies don’t have proper procedures in place for faulty items.

Its different from a change of mind, its different from wanting a size exchange. If something arrives damaged its their job to fix it and fix it fast and without any of the expense coming from the customer.

Especially for online retailers.

Emailed them last night. No response.

How will it end? I will update you….

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