Review: Anastasia Brow Scissors

Do you trim your brows? A lady on Shu Uemura showed me a few years ago, now I always do a little trim to keep them need. Most of the time, all you need is a trim, not a tweeze.

Sometimes when you tweeze, they don’t come back

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Anastasia Brow make some of the nicest brow products out there. The only other two brow products I adore are (is?) Shu Uemura’s Hard Pencil (with Japanese sharpening) and Laura Mercier’s Brow Gel (in the pot). Everything else brow-themed I like is by Anastasia.

So I was very please to get these Brow Scissors ($22.50):


They Say:

Always cut across the top of the brow towards the nose, being mindful not to cut in a downward direction. For easier use, brush brows upward using the Spooley brush first. Holding the hairs in place with your finger above the brow, cut the hairs that are longer than the brush, above the brow bone.

But wait! Why Brow Scissors?

Well – you don’t want normal sized scissor do you? You can use those small scissors, but I find the blade isn’t sharp enough. Brow Scissors tend to have straight and very sharp blades.


As cute as these scissors are I have to say I had a problem with it – they were stiff and not as smooth as I wanted them to be. Perhaps they are supposed to have some resistance but I prefer my scissors to be quite smooth so I don’t accidently chomp down on a piece of skin.

They are sharp enough though – but as I said, the stiffness made me nervous. I had to oil it up later with a bit of WD40 and it worked better.

I have to say my HG scissors (and EVERYONE should own one) is the Shu Uemura trimmer:

trimmer (w_case) - other accessories by Shu Uemura Art of Beauty.jpg

I think I paid about £60 for it. But I am telling you – this baby is smooth and swift, it can cut through anything in one go but it never feels unsafe to use. Truly truly the best on there although you do pay for it. (I won’t tell you about the time I caught someone using it to cut shapes out of paper…)

Anastasia’s scissors and are an affordable choice for your first sharp brow scissors. If it were your lunch, it would be a cheese salad.

Shu Uemura’s Trimmer is a totally and utterly streamlined piece of masterful beauty engineering. If it were your lunch, it would be a calorie free steak on a bed of chunky cut chips and some peppercorn sauce on the side.

Do you trim your brows? Or do you rock it like Groucho?

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  1. k says

    Like quite a number of Asian women, some of my eyebrow hairs have a tendency to grow downward. Trimming is easy for the upper edge of the brow, but gets more tricky for the lower edge.

    To resolve this, I began using the Schick Quattro Trim Style razor. It has a nifty clipper/trimmer attachment on one end (intended for the bikini area) with an adjustable height comb. It looks like a mini version of barber shop clippers.

    I set the trimmer end for the longest allowable length first, and it takes off a fraction from the ends of each eyebrow hair. I adjust the comb another level if my brows still look unkempt.

    The result is a less dense brow with a neater lower border. Just be careful not to set the comb too low or brows may get sheared off entirely. This also helps the fact that I have difficulty using scissors with my left hand to trim the left eyebrow.

    • Row says

      Hi K

      I bought the Quattro razor recently but it seems very big to use on the delicate brow area?

  2. Girl says

    My God, those eyebrows are gorgeous. The lips, too.

    I, too, adore the Hard 9 eyebrow pencil (in ‘Seal Brown’). I sharpen it to a fine point using a Laura Mercier sharpener as I refuse to let the Shu counter girls whittle it into a wonky shape.

    I’ve been trimming my eyebrows for quite few years, and I’ve found that the smaller/more delicate the more likely I am to trim too much of the hair. Larger scissors such as Anastasia’s are much better for trimming eyebrows hairs, I find. It’s funny, I was actually contemplating buying these, but if they’re not very sharp, I’ll pass.

    • Row says

      Hey Girl

      Nooo I love the Japanese sharpening they do 😀 Although mine is getting blunt and I want to use it as a pencil but I don’t even know where to start to get it back to a normal shape…..

      These scissors are quite sharp. But since my HG are the Shu which are ridiculously sharp I am comparing….Megan Fox to Angelina. Ya know?

  3. says

    I do that once in a while (with round tip scissors so I don’t poke myself…) they always ended up looking like freshly cut grasses…blunt and heading everywhere…

    I tweeze as well (it also goes wrong almost all the time, now I have a tiny bald patch…) now I think I should just leave them alone…they are getting bushier every time I take the chop…

    • Row says

      Hi Citrine

      Are they getting bushier? I am finding mine are growing back less so I have to be careful cos shaping the brows is SOOOO addictive :)