Tired, make up encrusted eyes? Rohto Lycee Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion Review

Looking after and cleaning your eyes is really important, especially when you wear as much make up on the eyes as me! That crap gets everywhere!

I am a fan of good old Optrex eye wash but I recently spotted this one from Rohto (called Lycee):


I bought the larger size, in 450ml. It’s pink, what else could you want?

I also have the Rohto Eye Drops – man do they sting but they are pretty good.


One of the special features of this eye wash is the applicator (or whatever you want to call it!) for washing the eyes. Traditional eye washes have a bath, which is quite wide and you use a lot of product this way.

The Rohto one looks like a rubber teat:


This means that you are using a lot less product, and that you can wash your eyes like this:


So instead of having to tip your head back to swish the liquid around, all you have to do is squeeze the teat – hence no spillage! It’s also good for people who are scared of using this kind of thing near their eyes, a bit less shocking than turning over and having the cold stuff fall into your eye!

Gruesome picture from their site! Ewww!


This eye wash is really refreshing – it has a slight tingly edge to it but it isn’t at all uncomfortable to use. It definitely feels like a cleanser AND a refresher whereas other ones I have used just feel like cleaners.

The teat! Shame you can’t use a regular baby’s teat…or can you?!


I bought this from Alphabeautyuk for about £9. Will definitely buy it again!

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  1. Mist says

    I am in Los Angeles, CA USA.. Its an asian specialty store over here where they sell stuff like Likas soap and such.