Keep your make up cool, dude: Refresh Make Up Chiller Bag Review

Do you ever get slimy, melting lipsticks? I do. In fact, in this kind of weather my make up starts to melt…I feel bad for it!

For some products, a bit of heat doesn’t hurt. But generally speaking, you don’t want your make up to be toasted under the sun.

Enter the Refresh Make Up Bag, a snazzy invention that keeps your make up cool.


They say:

The Refresh Make-up Chiller is an ingenious way to keep your cosmetics cool when the temperature rises. This handy little insulated pouch with a pocket for a mini-ice pack is the ideal way to protect your cosmetic essentials when you’re hot in the city or relaxing by the pool.

The bag comes in four colours, black, pink, silver and white. They are all metallic with a plastic strap and measure 21 x 15cm. That’s the technical info!


I was sent a silver one to trial.

My first impression was the the make up bag is pretty big – it’s great for breaks or going away although I wouldn’t use it as a day to day bag – its too big for that.

So what about the chiller element?Inside is a see through pocket which houses this ice pack. You put this in the freezer and back into the bag – this keeps your back cool.

Obviously your make up won’t get wet because everything is protected in the clear wallet.


The bag itself is insulated like a cool bag. I tried this out over the weekend to see if it would keep my lip sticks firm – and it worked pretty damn well! My bag was still cool after 5 hours of sitting around in a hot apartment.

The only thing I will say is that the design of the bag is a little basic – it’s not the prettiest make up bag you will own but it certainly serves a purpose. If you were heading to the beach, for example, this is a steadfast way to make sure your make up doesn’t melt (well you need to take some lipstick with you…what if there’s lots of hot boys?!).


Verdict: Worth a punt if you know you want to protect your make up from heat. They’re £17 each from here.

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  1. says

    interesting! this might be good for makeup artists and such. I don’t care enough about my makeup to keep it cool like that. Now, my perfumes, maybe, haha.