Mary Quant Powder Blush Baby Blushers & Face Final Pressed Powder Haul and Swatches

To continue with the Mary Quant theme today, here is the face palette that I put together whilst I was at the shop. I picked one very pretty pressed face powder, the Face Final and two blushers in a brown and pink which fit into a Large palette (L).

The face powder was about £19.50, the blushers are £14.50 and the palette was £10.50.

Mary Quant also stocks loose face powder and a selection of powder foundations.  The Face Final is just too pretty!


It comes in 4 variations.

01. Is the yellow-green powder which tones down redness.

02. Blue and white for brightening

03. Is the pink and purple for sallowness

04. Is the orange one which is ‘lucent’ – like a regular face powder that adds some glow.

Can you guess which one I picked?!

I picked 01 because I get flushed very easily!

My haul:

Mary Quant Blush Baby Face Final Pressed Face Powder

What I will say is that the Face Final powders are very fine and just slightly pigmented so you won’t end up looking green or purple. It’s quite good at absorbing oil and setting make up but there is no coverage.

The Blush Baby Blushers are nice and I really got them because I am really nostalgic over Mary Quant blushers!

There have been 20 shades so far:


The missing numbers represent previous limited edition colours.

Now – some blushers are more shimmery than others, but generally I found them quite low in pigment. They’re well presented in the shop, as groups, so you have the ‘pinks’ ‘peach’ ‘brown’ ‘highlights’.  It became quite obvious that most of the colours were far too sheer for my olive skintone so in the end I went for 12 as a orange-brown shade and 06 a reddish pink. 05 was also a possibility, a lighter pink.  The new autumn 2011 shades were a no go, they didn’t show up on me at all.

Here is my palette put together!

Mary Quant Face Final Pressed Powder and cheek baby blush

The blusher is nice enough – it’s not as nice as say, Nars, but it’s quite pretty, albeit slightly chalky.  You can’t really overdo it, and even if you did, the corrector powder is next door to go over it!

Swatches:Mary Quant Blush Baby Blusher

There aren’t any other powders or blushers I crave from Mary Quant I have to say.


The powder is more novelty than anything but it works as a setting powder.

The blushers are decent and I like the fact they fit in well into the palette, but there’s no outstanding shades or textures.

What do you think of these?

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