5 Foundations I wish I never bought

I am going to a audit of my make and the massiveness of my collection (I have around 6000+ of pieces of make up) has made me decide to throw the rubbish away and sell the good stuff. I want to get down to 2 filing cabinets as opposed to six.

Anyway – I have so many foundations! No one should have so many! If its not a shade problem its a texture issue.

Slightly Obsessive?

Now, foundation is a personal thing, so what works for me may not work for you but neverthess I have to share – here are 5 foundations for one reason or another, I wish I never bought*

*(We can’t return make up so easily in the UK otherwise I would have taken all this back!)

1. Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation

CHANEL -1.jpg

This foundation was like rubbing butter all over my face. It will settle, I thought, but no, I just looked like a sweaty betty all the time. No problems with irritation or the shade but I regret being coerced into buying this instead of the Pro Matte base.

2. Make Up Forever HD Foundation

hd3.jpg (JPEG Image, 450x487 pixels).jpg

I wanted this foundation after reading all the rave reviews but I found it greasy and not very long lasting – it also gave me the lovely corpse effect. It was expensive and I haven’t finished it…need to find someone who likes looking grey to take it from my hands.

3. Illamasqua Cream Foundation

Illamasqua Store - Face - Cream Foundation.jpg

Had a bit of a problem with the shade match – was matched to one that was totally too light but went back and bought the product again anyway in a darker more suitable shade. However – I love Illamasqua primers but this foundation is just quite dry texture and hard to work with. If I use a cream foundation its normally because I am on the go and this one is just too much for quick touch ups.

4. Nars Firming Foundation


I love Nars with all my heart but this foundation was not good. When it settles on your skin it does this funny clumping thing, especially around the nose and forehead. I used up the whole bottle, just because I wanted to finish it but the weird bunching was just too much.

5. Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation

568285452.Jpeg (JPEG Image, 300x300 pixels).jpg

I do occasionally buy drugstore bases and I though this Max Factor cream to powder foundation would be nice to try – d’uh! It’s greasy and oily, it kind of sets after a while but still looks oily. The shade selection is dud too – the one I had to get was still too pink toned for me. Also it started to crack after a few weeks (yes I put the lid back on properly).

Enough with the dross!

And my two HGs:

1. RMK Creamy Foundation

RMK Creamy Foundation | MAKE UP | PRODUCTS | RMK.jpg

You don’t know skin – the Japanese do. That’s why generally speaking Japanese range make fabulous base products (but unfortunately not in a big enough shade range for dark skinned women).

This is the only foundation I have ever finished TWICE – it is beautiful, (there is a liquid version for oily ladies). It feels 100% comfortable on the skin, gives soft glow and for me, 104 is the perfect shade. It also gives decent coverage. It’s about £30 which is pricey but if you are ever going to spend on a decent base, make it RMK.

2. La Mer Foundation The Treatment Creme

la mer.jpg

When I saw a photograph of myself with the foundation on I was like, hello?! My skin looked smooth, glowy, lovely. I got Neutral which looks orangey in the jar but is beautiful on.

It smells faintly of fresh sea water and crushed pearls…if you can imagine what that would smell like!

It’s not cheap – I think I paid about £55 for it but if there’s one thing thats worth paying more for, its the foundation you slap on your skin everyday. I also like using their translucent loose powder on top.

Another thought….

I also have loads of other bases knocking about which are good (but not HG), like Bobbi Brown (who makes fab concealer and tinted moisturizer), Armani’s Face Fabric, and MAQUillage (by Shiseido) compact powder foundations.

What’s your favourite base?

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  1. Nicolavc86 says

    i dont think i have to tell you mine!! that rmk pic was like looking at a dirty magazine!!! haha

  2. Li says

    Dior, the foundation with the brush, I pulled the brush off before using and tap it on with my fingers, light as a feather and lovely

  3. says

    I actually quite liked the max factor foundation, was thinking of purchasing today but they didn’t have my shade – it covers my redness and is a perfect colour match for moi. However I had the stupid packagaing, why the heck has it not got a mirror!?

  4. Lucy says

    Estee Lauder DW <3 I've been using it for three years now and have only had to buy three bottles! The MAC pump fits on it perfectly too, which instantly makes it more hygenic.