Dove Spa Waterfall Intelligent Moisturising Serum Review; made for dry skin!

Without a doubt, I have combination skin but what I call EXTREME combination skin, in that where it’s oily, it’s horribly congested, where it’s dry, my skin is flaking.

On top of that I have hypersensitive skin! eek!

So this Dove Spa Intelligent Moisturising Serum was kind of made for me. This serum is supposed to hydrate where you need it, containing ceramides to repair damaged areas. This serum is used morning and evening before your normal cream – so in many ways it’s a booster:


I love the idea of a serum that boosts hydration to the skin. I have tried using thick creams in the past and they feel wonderful but always leave me with blocked pores and super shiny skin later on in the day.

I really wanted something hydrating that was light, that easily sunk into the skin:


The first thing I noticed about this serum is how light it felt – it’s a white lotion that has a soft scent to it – I can’t tell what it is but it sort of smells…flowery. To me anyway!
It’s light but it doesn’t look like it’s light:


At first application I felt like it was a bit sticky but within a few minutes this had disappeared. In fact, my skin felt so plump and soft that I wasn’t sure if I needed moisturiser on top – I think this serum provided enough hydration on most nights.

Spread out on the skin:




It is quite a rich serum – if you are looking for something really super light feeling I’d go for something like a B5 Serum which is more watery.


This is a really nice serum if you suffer from very dry skin, especially at this time of year. It cleared up any flaky skin I had left my skin feeling softer. I didn’t experience any irritation when using it and in most cases, it was fine to use on it’s own unless you have really dry skin.

You can buy it here (30ml) for £36.

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  1. dana says

    £36!!!! very expensive, I know its dove “spa” but still pricey! I don’t buy serums because I was advised by my doctor not to use them till im older. I’m sure your not over 35 candy!
    I’m the same, i have EXTREME combination skin. I do get spots around my chin and forehead sometimes will this be too moisturising for those areas?

  2. Nicolavc86 says

    I seriously need to get in with Dove Spa’s PR! hey that rhymes! I have the same skin as you so need this!!