Haul Pics

Love Clover Brow Mascara in Brown Moka:

Jill Stuart Powder Foundation in Tan:

Which is hardly tan…

Fasio Gloss in Rose – not pigmented at ALL, but has a lovely wet shimmer anyway:

Lunasol Lipstick – Medium Orange:

Sheer Pink –

Sheer Coral –

Neutral Lipliner (lunasol) and Greenish Gray liquid eyeliner:

I have no time to play with it all I am far to stressed :p

Hope some of you get some lemmings though!

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  1. Chica says

    Ooh, nice haulage!
    I heart Jill Stuart packaging.
    Never used Lunasol, how good are their lippies? The colours are really pretty.

  2. MandyPandy says

    Le sigh! Oh Rows, you and your fantastic hauls…more makeup porn! More, I say!

  3. Jnie says

    Great haul. I wish I could get my hands on some jill stuart here. Yes I’m definitely leeming..

  4. yummy411 says

    nice haul! lol@ the foundation not being tan. i thought the same thing when i saw it. i had to take a double take and make sure i was looking at the right product LOL! can’t wait to hear about the lippies. they look gorg