Haul Pics

Love Clover Brow Mascara in Brown Moka:

Jill Stuart Powder Foundation in Tan:

Which is hardly tan…

Fasio Gloss in Rose – not pigmented at ALL, but has a lovely wet shimmer anyway:

Lunasol Lipstick – Medium Orange:

Sheer Pink –

Sheer Coral –

Neutral Lipliner (lunasol) and Greenish Gray liquid eyeliner:

I have no time to play with it all I am far to stressed :p

Hope some of you get some lemmings though!

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  1. Ooh, nice haulage!
    I heart Jill Stuart packaging.
    Never used Lunasol, how good are their lippies? The colours are really pretty.

  2. MandyPandy says:

    Le sigh! Oh Rows, you and your fantastic hauls…more makeup porn! More, I say!

  3. Great haul. I wish I could get my hands on some jill stuart here. Yes I’m definitely leeming..

  4. yummy411 says:

    nice haul! lol@ the foundation not being tan. i thought the same thing when i saw it. i had to take a double take and make sure i was looking at the right product LOL! can’t wait to hear about the lippies. they look gorg

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