Review: Priva Shave Post Shave Treatment for ingrown hairs!

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Hair removal – every girl has to do a bit and even though I am not overly hairy, when the sun is out once must remove extra fluff – tis only polite.


I currently have two products I use for dealing with those nasty little ingrown hairs, and that’s PBF Vanish (my favourite, although drying) and Tend Skin, which I think is pretty rubbish and stinks after a while.

Diet Pepsi vs. Pepsi Max

So I decided to look for something else and I found Priva Shave ‘for women’ (presumably because its in pink lettering – the mens version comes in blue lettering.)

They say:

Priva Shave® Post Shave Treatment “FoR WoMaN™” has been carefully designed to render maximum Post Shave comfort to clients having a hair removal procedure performed on their bikini lines, legs, under arms, fore arms eye brow as well as their upper lip.

So this is a clear gel that is very very liquid. Do not be decieved. When I used this the first time it dribbled a bit and lets just say it was not being used in an area where you want Alcohol and salicyclic acid to be dribbling.

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40, Salicyclic Acid, Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Carbomer, PEG-8, Chamomile Oil

They Say: Priva Shave has a dual alcohol/antiseptic system that reduces the normal sting intensity most other alcohol-based after-shave produce, making the after shave experience comfortable and pain free. With its exceptional emollients and other rehydrators that counteract the normal drying effect, it will not cause excessive drying of the skin.

Not quite! This stuff stings – it stings as much as any of the other ingrown hair treatments I have tried, not more, but just as much. I also need to contest the fact that they say they are moisturizing – I actually got some red, itchy patches after using Priva Shave – everyones skin is different of course, but I didn’t have this problem when using PBF Vanish.

I really dislike the liquidity of it. PBF Vanish is a rollerball, so it is controlled, and Tendskin is completely liquid and can be applied with a cotton pad. This is gel in a squeezy bottle which implies you can apply it directly to skin or with your hand but its too fluid to do so.

Verdict: I can’t recommend this to be honest because it was just so-so. PFB Vanish is better.

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<--- Check out their imagery. When I first saw it I didn't think that was a belt he was holding, if you know what I mean. Disturbing, I know.

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