Aldi Lacura Wrinkle Stop Cream with SYN-AKE

Wrinkles, begone!

If only it were that easy.

The more tired I am and the more stressed out the worse my skin looks (so that’s pretty much all the time). After a good nights sleep, some water and chill out time, my skin looks more refreshed and plump, no doubt.

Meanwhile, Aldi – yep the bargain supermarket, has a nifty little skincare and make up range called Lacura. They launched a product called Wrinkle Stop with SYN-AKE (snake venom!) to work like…well botox. Freezing the wrinkles and all that.

lacura wrinkle.jpg

At £5.99 its a bargain and I am starting to test it now. Luckily for you, I have just finished testing a skincare range called Planet Skincare, a high end range which also uses artificial snake venom for its botox-ing effect. Therefore I will be able to compare & contrast in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, if you want to see yourself in an old and wrinkly stage, you can visit Wrinkle Stop and upload a photo of yourself to see your now and aged images!

Lacura Wrinkle Stop __ Exclusively at Aldi.jpg
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  1. louise adams says

    i have purchased lacura wrinkle stop and when it is next available at my local branch i am going to buy as much as i can.its bloody fantastic! i am very synical about all the creams you see advertised ,but i thought its only 5.99 i will try it. the next morning i could already see the difference no bag ,no crepy lines just a few light lines and the skin felt dewy not dry. i will always buy this from now on ,well done lacura

    • Row says

      Hi Louise

      I have started using it (not long enough to write a review) but I have to say – I like it. I have also used something similar which costs 15 times more (shall mention this in my review) and I have to say, the Aldi is doing better so far!

      • RC says

        Hi Row

        You wrote this a year ago, so I’m just wondering what your final conclusion is?
        I’m in my late 20s, so quite keen to start taming down a truly annoying frown line.
        would you recommend it?


        • Row says

          Hi RC

          Let me think – I started using this and used it for a totally for 8 weeks. I did notice a slight softening of lines – to be honest I’m not that liney, but it sort of tingles and yes, its a pretty good treatment. I mean, no worse that the expensive stuff I get sent so I’d say its worth a go x

  2. sabine says


    I live in Belgium and I would like to buy the product ‘lacura wrinkle stop’. In the aldi stores in our country is this product not available.
    Can someone tell me or give me some advise how to get this cream ?
    Thank you very much

  3. Donna Murphy says

    this item can be purchased on ebay, you pay a bit more, but is the only place avail;able barr aldi stores

  4. dinah groep says

    Is Lacura products available in South Africa? Can someone please supply names and addresses of places i could buy it from? Thanks

  5. AnnB says

    Sorry, but I found the Lacura Syn-Ake absolutely useless. I searched and searched for this product in the Brighton branch with no success but then found the product at an Aldi in Bexhill. The same goes for Athena, another one that was a waste of money. I have tried several others but for the life of me I cannot remember what ones. I am going to try wrinkle fillers next, I think Tri-Aktaline (?) from Boots has been highly praised so that’s on my list. What I will recommend for the time being is facial scrubs, your face feels clean and glowing and a good way of keeping skin smooth.

  6. says

    Please tell me where I can buy Lacura anti wrinkle cream I bought it from Aldi and haven’t seen it in the store for ages when is it coming back to Australia so I can purchase some I also like the wrinkle stop

    Thank you

  7. Sarah Taylor says

    has anyone had an allergic reaction to this stuff? Because my sister did…. a HORRIBLE reaction! her whole face was swollen the day after using it and she had to be put on steroids… Just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience…

  8. Karen Tannehill says

    omg…i had the same reaction……my eyes totally swelled up on top and underneath…i looked like a bad botox appointment gone horribly wrong….i have been on benedryl for 4 days…….. and my neck broke out in a terrible rash….itching like crazy….