Tara Smith Shampoo & Conditioners

I am still on the hunt for a great shampoo that is kind to my scalp and is affordable and works well too!

A reader alerted me to Tara Smith’s Shampoo and Conditioner range, which she found at Tesco.

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The products do not contain:

* Parabens
* Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
* Glycols
* Phthalates
* PEGs
* Artificial colouring
* Synthetic fragrance
* Animal derivatives

Tara is a celebrity hairdresser – the tagline on the products is, “Tested on film stars no on animals.” Damn right!

There’s four kinds of shampoo and conditioners to the range:

Feed the Root Shampoo & Conditioner

Big Baby Shampoo & Conditioner

Straight Away Shampoo & Conditioner

C Curls Shampoo & Conditioner

Styling Range:

Base Coat Serum

Top Coat Glosser

Rock On Hard Hold Styling Gel

I got Feed the Root Shampoo & Conditioner, Straight Away Shampoo & Conditioner, Base Coat Serum and Top Coat Glosser. The shampoos and conditioners come in 100ml and 250ml sizes, at £2.25 and £4.99 respectively, so it’s great value!


So my main purpose of trying this range out was because I wanted something without too many chemicals in it and something to help my flaky, sore scalp – so Feed The Root was the range I was the most interested in was that.

About the shampoo:

Key ingredients are:

* Bambusa Vulgaris leaf/stem extract which has been used for centuries in Asia and Hawaii to cure skin disorders. Bamboo’s smooth shiny properties are due to silica deposits within its stem.
* The five yeast extracts are from zinc/copper/magnesium/iron/silicon which provide nutrients and have moisturising and cell renewing capabilities for both skin and hair
* Menthol gives the shampoo its tingle factor
* Organic fragrance
* Cool Head 100% organic essential oil blend dominated by Cooling Peppermint and enriched with Patchouli, Cedar and a twist of sweet Aniseed.

It certainly did give my scalp a lovely tingle and didn’t irritate at all. My scalp has been particularly dry lately though, so I don’t think I enjoyed the full benefits (I have been massaging virgin coconut oil into the scalp twice a week – this has been helping) along with this shampoo. The conditioner is most effective if you give it a good 3-4 mins on the hair – my hair is very very knotty so most conditioners do struggle with my mop.

It’s actually very hard finding a genuinely scalp friendly shampoo that doesn’t contain SLS and parabens for less that £10. I know that when I was scanning the shelves in Boots, apart from their Naked range, it was nearly impossible to find something SLS free.


I have only tried these two out once but once again no complaints – once again, no nasty additives.

The products come in very cute, rounded bottles too, they look more expensive than they actually are. You can get these in good old Tesco or Cult Beauty. Will I buy it again? Yes! But a bigger bottle!

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  1. says

    Yay :) Glad you agreed with me, I love this stuff! I’ve only tried the C Curls one so far but I won’t be switching to another brand anytime soon x

  2. MADI says

    I LOVE the Tara Smith straight away shampoo and conditioner, it’s great as i don’t have to straighten my hair after- truly miraculous so my hair is getting into much better condition. And the base coat serum is a must have! (have used it as hand cream when haven’t had anything else and its an amazing product!)
    Keep up the good work! x

  3. MADI says

    I recently got the rock on hard hold gel styling product, have you tried this? it is great for a sleek slick back pony, and smells DELICIOUS! :-)

  4. michelle says

    gonna try it cause I am Allergic to all sulphates (hospital tested)
    been looking for a while as have struggled to find anything good.

  5. kamaxi says

    m frm india and wanna purchase the same tara smith product pls let me know from where I can get it and my hair looks like i just got a electric shock pls suggest me which one I use, I have dry, frizzy,split ends, dandruff curls pls pls suggest me something which can give life to my dying hair………