Sula Roll of Fragrances, Sun Kissed Citrus and Butterfly Kiss

I really am not one for scent – let it all pong I say! But I did all in love, quite deeply with my Sula Purfume Oil when I discovered it in an unassuming pyrex dish in Space NK.

Woot woot! Bring in more! Butterfly Kiss and Sun Kissed Citrus:


Butterfly Kiss

A delicate blend kissed with sweet pea and pink peony, and ethereal notes of freesia, blackberry and gardenia.

Sun-kissed Citrus

Bright and zesty with notes of tangerine, lemon, orange, grapefruit and bergamot.

Now, my previous purchase was Champagne Sugar, which is a warm, sweet but not sickly, slightly ginegery scent. It is BEAUTIFUL.

But these two are also gorgeous but for different reasons. Butterfly Kiss feels more to me like a floral blend (bear in mind I am no good with scents) but it is my second favourite behind the Champagne Sugar as one of those soft florals that you can wear anywhere, anytime.

Sun Kissed Citrus as you can imagine, is zingy and quite fresh. It’s a day scent I think, it makes you smell freshly washed, it’s kinda of sporty. I think this goes well with my set anyway because its so different from anything floral or sweet based.

These are roll ons – I don’t usually like roll on scents because I find them fiddly and the roller mechanism a bit naff, but these are perfect, enough scent comes out each time and it’s actually more than enough, because the scent is concentrated and it REALLY LASTS. I put it on my wrists and I can still smell it the next morning…yes even after a shower. I do shower, thanks!


There are 3 more scents I haven’t tried, blackberry blush, stiletto musk and vanilla bloom. I kind of like how each of the names explains what they are and that each one is different enough to warrant purchasing (or is that a bad thing?!).

You know I don’t LURRVVVEEE products that often but I do, really LURVE these.

Big fat recommendation from me! You can check out their website here. In the UK you can buy them from Space NK – I know, I know, the customer service. But you can run in, help yourself and run out again (after paying I mean – I’m not advocating shoplifting).

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    • Row says

      Hey Sue!

      Your in Canada right? It says you can get their stuff from various places, just go here for the store locator.

  1. sue says

    Thanks Row! That’s a pretty long list but most of the cities/shops are pretty obscure and hard get to from my place , not as easily obtainable as in the department store :(