Whitney wins and will always love you..

This cycle of ANTM has flown by. I have to say, the American version is superior to the British version, which is a collection of supermarket check out girls, alcoholics and wannabe footballers girlfriends. But more about that later.

So Whitney –

She got my nerves for the whole series – that mouth! those teeth! She is fakeness defined. She has the All American Smug. She belongs in the pages of playboy or JD Williams.

Aren’t they always harping on about how the girls need to be High Fashion? Whitney is not high fashion, half asleep Anya is.

Oh I get it – its a conspiracy as always. Little Salishais cute but she looked out of place on the Versace catwalk but lets face it, its up to queen bee, Tyra. She wanted a chub to win it this year, so she did.

To be honest, I am still mourning beautiful Katarzyna.

Anyway, at least I have Britan’s next top model right?

Urgh. The show is disgrace. The photos are crap, the girls are crap, Lisa Snowdon (presenter-model-famous-for-being-George-Clooneys-limpet) and her double chin are not qualified to judge any model.

Lisa & her chin –

At least Tyra has truly been there, done that. The people on the panel are pathetic on the BNTM. And they girls, the girls! So dull. They argue. They fight. They cry. They bully. This week they puke everywhere, and out the window of the car in the day after. Sounds like your average gathering of Chavs. Boring! I’d rather spend my evening trimming of my split ends.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Whitney is supposed to be the plus-sized model, but she doesn’t look plus size; she looks regular-size with itty bitty titties. She used to be a skinny model, but the show needed a plus-sized model to win, so someone from the show approached her and told her to gain 20 lbs. So she went from a size 2-4 to a size 8-10. That’s not plus-sized, that’s just normal.

  2. Nic Nic says

    i cant believe she won actually, i wished Anya won cos she 10 times better than her… but i think Tyra probably thought it was time for a plus size to win lol. Good for Whitney for representing plus size but she’s wasn’t as good as Anya overall!!

    Britain next top model is soo boring compared to the American’s one! Oh yeah I actually saw Lisa Snowdon in real life back in 06 for o2 festival, we was in quite close proximity with her and she was with her little entourage, and one of girls were holding a cam filming Lisa as she danced by herself. It was such a funny sight, oh she’s huge! (height wise)

  3. Chica says

    O.o I didn’t even know that cycle had aired in the UK!
    Whoops, missed one!
    BNTM is pants I agree – Lisa & Huggy are revolting

  4. Row says

    Chica are you in the UK? thats why this ANTM is the newest one so its not due in the UK for about 6months or so.

    BNTM is AWFUL just AWFUL

  5. Row says

    Hey nic nic

    Yeah altho Anya talks like a moron, I think she was very high fashion and looked like a model. it was Whitney demeanour that got on my nerves – she is a beautiful gal, you know.

    I didnt realise Lisa was tall in real life! She seems so chubby – i guess back in 06 she might have been with Clooney then so had a giant ego…

  6. Row says

    Mandy – Yeah I am a UK 10, which is a US 6, I think and I am pretty sure I’d look like a beached whale next to Whitney. She isnt a true plus size as you say – I wanted to see squidgy bits, flabby thighs