Review: Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Lipbalm

I’m one for a little innovation, so when I saw the Lip Glow product on my Dior counter, I just had to plonk down my £18.00 in Selfridges for this…this thing.

Because first off, it’s not actually a lip balm. It’s not a lipstick. It’s not a lip gloss. It’s not a mood changing lip colour, like say, a mood ring (because god knows they are accurate).

Mood Ring Set of 4.jpg (JPEG Image, 267x236 pixels).jpg

“What it is,” says the Dior lady “is a colour reviver product. It’s PH balanced so it will react to your lips. So you know when you put lipstick on in the morning, then you want to refresh it later on but if you put another layer on it will be too strong?”

Erm…no I don’t. Because I tend to wear lipgloss anyway, and even if I wear a lip colour, I only reapply once after eating when 95% off the colour has come off. But I nodded my head obediently.

“This will bring out the colour of it without requiring you to use another coat.”

“And I can use it as a lip balm?”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Cha-ching! Quick sale.

Here it is:


One good thing (with the sun being out ‘an all) is that is has a SPF10. The texture is very soft and glossy. It also comes in a very pretty little Dior case.


Firstly this is a crap lip balm. It is! I used this on a 1 hour car journey (no snacks, amazingly) and I had to reapply 4 times to keep my lips moist. I don’t reapply lip colour or balm that much, ever (I have a friend who was always applying lipbalm, its annoying. Inbetween meals, during conversations, driving, eating – woman, give it a rest!).

Thus, whilst it does make the lips softer, it is not long lasting at all, which makes me concur, that this is not its primary job.

I have tried this on my cousins and they end up with similar lip colours to me – a sheer, soft rosy tint. This is PH balanced – I reckon it would work pretty well for all skintones and will create an inoffensive pink shade.

Bare lips:


With Lip Glow:


Look – it isn’t a dream must have product, there are better lip balms (that do similar colour changing things) but I do like it. It looks pretty, when it lasts, it leave a nice little rosy glow, it has SPF. If there’s something you want more, then get that. If you have a bit left over, get this.

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  1. Libby says

    Such a lovely looking product!
    Reminds me of the barry m green lippaint which does the same thing.

    • Row says

      Hi Libby

      Oh yes! When I was younger one of my first lipsticks – i forget the name – ultraglow? Was green and it would turn pink on the lips!

  2. Blair says

    The pink packaging + SPF attracted my attention. Thank goodness you killed my lemming, Row!

    • Row says

      Hi Blair!

      It’s an ok product sure, I just wouldn’t say its that amazing or is worth all that money!

    • Row says

      Hi Abby

      I used it over an orangey lipstick I have…it adds a gloss to it. Does it revive it properly…no.

  3. sue says

    My roommate bought this the other day. I liked how it has SPF in it but for CAD$39 it’s just too expensive for a lipbalm.

    • Row says

      Hey Sue

      Its soooooooooo pretty but at £18 it is expensive and it does not hydrate for long on the lips!

  4. says

    your natural lip color is so pretty i have to say! thank you for this review, now i know what it can or cannot do for my lips and have realistic expectations about lipglow. 😉