Dior Goldfever

Yes ok, I’m slow. So what? Don’t blame me, blame to speed of which we get new collections in the UK!

So I have been dying to the Golds palette. I know some of you ladies were complaining that it is far too warm – yes it is, but thankfully it works on my complexion (about a NC35).

The shades are lush.

Well pigmented and they really really do cover all the best shades of Gold.

But something strange happened when I visited Dior at Harvey Nichols, Manchester. I actually had a nice SA. So I ended up swatching over and over, Goldfever.

Bleh. It is such a not me palette. Neutral cool shades of champagne and gold. The same old same old thing. Nothing particularly pigmented or striking in this palette.

Then she said it.



I was like, yo, you stick it in my bag!

I hate neutrals. I hate neutrals so much but now I own this ridiculously plain and neutral palette people have raved about called Goldfever.

You know what? I kind of like it.

Yes its repetitive.

Yes its sheer.

Yes its very metallic

Yes its expensive (£34 per palette!)

But I like the dewiness of it. You see with this neutral eye, I can wear my new favourite lipstick range ever ever ever ever (revealed next week…!)

Unlike the evilness that is the nude Bobbi Brown Palette, there is still something sexy and refined with the Dior Quint.

I still think there should be ONE darker shade in the Quint so we can do some contour…but of well.

I have Nars All About Eve, which everyone raves about but is essentially two nudey shades. More boring that Goldfever. And at £23 for two colours, is not as good value as the 5 you get for £34.

Do buy this palette if u like dewy naturals but remember that it is what it is.

Finally- the Dior SA managed to convince to buy the third bronzer this month!

The LE product has half matte bronze and half shimmer. I am sure that once the left side is swiped the glitter will go so I’ll refrain from swiping just yet.

The lip colour is also stunning – it is similar to the Rouge Addict released for this collection but I prefer this one in the palette, as it’s a true luminous gold.

What did you think o Dior’s collection?

P.S. I am wearing J’adore from a sample the lady gave me. Nice, nice!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I’m not crazy about the gold glitter but the bronzer-half and the lipgloss portion look mighty fine!

  2. Row says

    Hey Mandy

    I LOVE the Gold glitter!

    But you will be pleased to know that the tester did not have gold glitter – its just a top layer as they say. Once that comes off its a mid toned, slight shimmer bronzer to complement the matte bronze side.

    I dont want to use it as I want to preserve the gold…sigh…