Skinfood Goat Milk & Lavender Face Lotion for Babies

I will never tire of Skinfood’s creative skincare combinations and product ideas – a Cheese Face Mask?! Garlic Eye Cream? Literal Salmon Concealer?! Banana Mascara? Hurrah for food on the face!

My latest purchase was more sensible and rather soothing – Goat Milk (sic) and Lavender Face Lotion for babies. What is it about the upright squeezy bottle – it does indeed make me think, ‘baby’ or ‘infant’.

skinfood goat milk and lavender face lotion.jpg

This face lotion is a very light, white cream, which sinks into the skin beautifully. Of course it doesn’t matter if it is for babies, women with sensitive skin will like this product – its quite light so not for really dry skin but great for normal skins although there is no SPF.

It is also a very generous 100ml so I have been using it on my body too.

skinfood goat milk and lavender baby face lotion.jpg

Does it smell like Goats Milk and Lavender? No, not at all. I don’t detect milk OR Lavender in this – it just smells like baby. Baby Powder. Baby Shampoo. 100 and 1 crushed sweet smelling babies were blitzed to make this cream…it smells lovely, like how babies should smell if only they didn’t poop, burp and throw up everywhere.

I bought this from eBay for about £8 and I like it a lot – it’s not extraordinary but good for delicate skins and smells…well, like babies.

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  1. Fran says

    I do have a question, how do you make a milk base. How do you perserve it as it is mixed with water most of the time and this is a worry to me…