Holiday Lipstick Picks: MAC Satin Lipstick in Peachstock and Glaze in Hue!

I am having a blogging “catch up” week this week ladies!  My weekends have been so full that I have no time to take photos of the new items I’ve been testing but luckily I have a back log of things to post about!

Whilst on Holiday I took a few lipsticks with me – all new – not too many because in the heat who can be bothered doing a full face of make up!?

I hauled MAC Peachstock lipstick from the MAC Pro Store and Glaze Lipstick in Hue:

MAC Satin Lipstick in Peachstock and Glaze in Hue MAC Satin Lipstick in Peachstock and Glaze in Hue

I originally purchased Peachstock from eBay (read the post here) but the seller swore it was real. I am not 100% convinced as it doesn’t have the signature MAC vanilla scent. I decided to buy the real thing from a store myself to compare.

I will post about that another time. But anyway here they are -two shades that are very much me, quite neutral and nude, one is pink based the other is peachy.  I am usually a peach or pink type of gal. New Lipsticks with that little point are so satisfying!

MAC Peachstock and Hue

Hue is quite sheer and glossy – it’s a nude pink, I don’t love it as much as I love Angel (although mine is all mushed up and I can’t bring myself to buy a new one!).  It’s very wearable though. 

Peachstock is a creamy rich peach-apricot type shade on me. I really like it, it’s hydrating too:

MAC Peachstock Hue Lipstick

Have both of these in my ‘day’ make up bag, they’re just really useful basic lipstick shades! Not just for holidays!

What are your favourite basic every day lipstick shades?

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  1. says

    I actually really like Hue, Its been on my MAC nude wish list for the longest time after I lost my tube of Hue on holiday (I always lose makeup when I go on holiday).

    I think peach stock might be a bit too coral to wear on my dark skintone but i love the way it looks when you’ve swatched it so I’m going to have a look at it next time I’m at the MAC store

  2. says

    i just love the lipsticks above but whenever i go for shopping I never find my best lipsticks like orange………i don’t know y they don’t bring this color…….always the same old red and pink