Bridal Make Up Trial No. 2 at Illamasqua

Illamasqua…for BRIDAL!? I know.  This was the wildcard make over because let’s face it, Illamasqua is not the brand that pops to mind when you think of your glowing fresh faced bride with barely there make up (mind you – super natural isn’t for me!).  Speaking to a lot of MUAs who do bridal, they seem to always get that classic line from brides, “I want the groom to be able to recognise me”.

I think I’d be a bit annoyed if Mr C didn’t recognise me because I was wearing a little bit more eyeliner than normal, but that’s just me.

I made an appointment (free of charge) to see Leena at Illamasqua, who is one of their key artists. I’ve know Leena forever and ever (must be coming to 10 years?) and I’m so impressed by her work ethic and pleased that her talents have been recognised by Illamaqua. 

Illamasqua bridal trial

On Illa, I decided to go for a cool brown eye instead of the warm one I had on MAC so I could try something a little different.  I spent about an hour and half on the counter. I kind of just let Leena do her thing really and I got to try out the new skin base foundation (review here) and the neutral palette which I ADORE. It is such an amazing palette if you like cool toned browns and black.

What did I come away with? Skin Base in shade 11, Bedaub cream pigment and Vernau Eyeshadow. At this point I have some good ideas of what I will be using bridal wise so I am not just looking for the day, but also anything I think may be useful for my day to day routine and anything that isn’t dupeable (which isn’t easy with my huge collection!). 

Illamasqua Cream Pigment Powder Eye Shadow Skin Base Foundation

Green pigment?! Why?

Well to tone down redness.  Leena used this on red patches VERY lightly and it seemed to work a treat. The only thing is to not use this one red AND dry skin or it will cling like a mother.  

The powder eyeshadow is a medium toned brown which was used for contouring and I thought was quite an interesting brown. 

Illamasqua Pigment Eyeshadow


Illamasqua Cream Pigment Bedaub Vernau Eyeshadow Vernau Eyeshadow

Products Used.


Emerge Cream Pigment under the eyes 

Skinbase Foundation in shade 11

Contour with Benau

Blusher in Lover


Ascend Lip Pencil

Obey Lipstick

Enchant Lip Gloss


Vow pencil under the brow bone

Hollow Cream Pigment on lids

Heroine on socket

Neutral Palette (wolf on the socket line)

Stealth on the eye lids

Obsidian on the outer corner

Lower lashes – Hollow Cream Pigment then Wolf on top

SOPHIE pencil to line (black)

Abyss liquid liner on the top 

Breathe pigment used as a ‘pop’ highlight. 


Illamasqua make over


Illamasqua make up trial bridal

What I liked:

I liked the overall look – I tend to favour cool toned browns anyway and the look is something I would wear for a evening look or something like a party. 

I liked the way my eyes were done more than on other counters, where the colour isn’t raised too high and the layering of shades on my eyes. It gave me vampire eyes! It almost brought out some reddish tones in my pupils!  I was also surprised by how the lip colour turned out (a very nude pink) which I liked. 

What I didn’t like:

As much as I love the eyes I’m not sure if it’s too cool and heavy my bridal look. Mr C seemed to think it wasn’t as fresh as the MAC make over which had more glow to it and was lighter on the eyes.  


Another good counter to go to if you want a bridal trial they can adapt their look to something quite dramatic or natural as you wish. I wanted to try something different out before deciding what kind of look to finally go for. 

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  1. N. says

    I liked the MAC one better. More natural. I think the eye turned pretty grey. Very smokey and dark with the black liner.

  2. says

    I like how you blend the make up on. But it would be nicer if you used dark brown liner instead of black to avoid a strong look =)

  3. Jen says

    Definitely the MAC makeover was more conventional “bride-like” and fresh…for me, there is far more liner on the bottom lids which is not as flattering as the MAC one for you. Good for a dramatic look, if that’s what you’re after

  4. says

    I believe in the power of green pigment, but yes it sucks to 1. apply on dry skin and 2. if you accidentally apply too much. And it’s so easy to go overboard with mine since it’s loose/mineral!