Mini Haul: Top Shop Make Up, Sisters of the New Moon, Nail Polish and Cream Blush!

I never really shopped much in Top Shop but the last few weeks I’ve found them really useful for comfy clothes and bought some of my holiday essentials from there. 

I also have a new admiration for the make up! I do quite like it, especially their polishes (I am currently wearing a Essie polish which costs £8 for my wedding day and it’s RUBBISH in comparison to Top Shop polishes, it barely lasted a day).

Anyway excuse my green rug – I made a mini haul when I was down there:

Nails Topshop Lip Sitck Blush

I bought: Nail Polish in Mesmerise, Lip Stick in Charmed and Cream Blush in Head Over Heels.

The polish and the lip stick are limited edition.  The lipstick I saw one day, decided to contemplate over, then when I went back the next day they had been removed! The girl who works for the make up stand was really nice actually, and managed to dig me one out from back.  

She also started talking to me about GEMMA-TOWIE-ORANGE-TREND-ON-HOT-SEXY – I had no idea what she was saying but I decided to block out the fact she as telling me I could look like someone from TOWIE with this lipstick…

The lipstick in Charmed is not as glossy and sheer as I hoped, but it is pretty pigmented The texture is not super soft but it’s nice enough. It is a bright orange rather than a soft coral:

Top Shop Lip Stick Charmed

Hate the packaging. As it’s LE it’s in a light weight cheap case and it’s not as nice as the normal packaging. The lettering has already started to scratch off. 

The nail polishes I LOVE, I really do love Topshop colours and I’m not one of those people who fawn over polishes on a stand. However, I noticed this before – their brushes are erratic (if brushes can be erratic) I mean look at this! I had to trim it down as it was cut unevenly:

Top Shop Nail Polish

Still, this polish – a weird light petrol grey type colour looks like an off pearly white on my nails and I love it – so flattering and shows off my ring that I wear. And it lasted really well. This is a LE colour (Mesmerise):

Top shop Nails Mesmerize

Finally I though I’d try a Cream Blush in Head Over Heels which is a peach-orange-coral. Really lovely colour, nice texture, wearable.  Doesn’t last that long, a few hours but I have yet to find a lasting cream blush, they ALL fade on me within 3/4 hours.  

Cream Blush Head over Heels

You could use this on lips but I don’t think it translates well, because this dries to a slightly powdery finish and I hate powdery lips.  Something like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is always better as a multi use item.

Some swatches – work well together these too! Very clementine!

Top Shop Make up 1

All in all, I am really fond of the new Top Shop make up on offer.  

Have you tried Top Shop Make Up?

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  1. says

    I’m a big fan of Topsop’s cream blushes (I particularly like Neon Rose) but I haven’t tried any of their polishes yet.