I’m a celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Hurrah! I’m a celebrity starts on Sunday in the UK.

The contestants are CRAP.

We have a man who used to be a police officer.

We have a WAG. She is not a pretend model, like Coleen, she’s not a pretend fashion designer, like Victoria, she’s not a pretend singer, like Cheryl. She is nothing but the girlfriend of a man who kicks a ball about. Kudos to you for making a career out of it.

Dani Behr is a really irritating presented who was big when I was a young girl. All I remember is how annoying her voice was and that she used to date Ryan Giggs – oh another WAG!

Esther Rantzen is ok, she’s known to be a bitch.

George Takei! YAY! WINNER!

Joe Swash – whatever, Nicola Mclean – page 3 girl, yada yada, who cares. Cue the close up boobie shots. Martina Navratilova – along with George are two people who have actually earned celebrity status. So we like her.

Simon Webbe…blah, Robert Kilroy-Silk – Hurrah! I await an old fogey fight between Robert and Esther – trust me it will happen and it will be over something like bus passes.

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  1. Leena says

    awww simon webbe is lovely i did the makeup for his girlband, and met him hes soooo genuine and very funny! go SIMON!!!!