RMK Foamed Soap Moisture Cleansing & Skintuner Brightening Light Review!

New for Spring 2012, RMK released two new cleansing products, Cream Soap and Foamed Soap.  The Cream Soap comes in a tube and is good for smoothing the skin and the Foamed Soap in a pump dispenser leaves you with dewy skin. 

The idea is that you choose based on how you want your skin to feel. 

I am reviewing the Foamed Soap and their Skintuner Brightening:

RMK Foamed Soap Moisture Cleansing Skintuner Brightening Light Review

The foamed soap is supposed to give you a super rich luxurious foam which cushions the skin from excess rubbing.  The texture is perfect for if you want to give yourself a facial massage and therefore increase circulation.  It is lavender scented and contains ingredients like Rooibos, Lavender and Rose extract which are all moisturising. Phew!

Now…foam cleansers are nothing new, that’s for sure.

Particularly with Asian brands, I’ve noticed many of them offer foam cleansers with a pump. I have tried quite a few from Biore, Kao, Kanebo for example but I find the foam quite thin. 

Foam cleansing is very popular in Japan particularly using the foam of a soap (which is what foaming nets are for.  The idea is you create lots of rich foam  then use that to wash as it’s gentler on the skin).  If you’re used to stripping your face daily, which is something a lot of women are guilty for, then it feels really weird at first to be using a bit of foam to wash the skin but it’s actually really good, especially if you are sensitive. 

And let’s face it, Japanese women have incredible skin. 

RMK Foamed Soap Moisture Cleansing Skintuner Brightening Light

Foamed Soap comes in a big bottle and has a pump. One quick pump dispenses a enough – more than enough – foam to clean your face well. 

The foam! Oh yes. They weren’t lying when they said it was incredibly thick and luxurious.  It’s really the nicest, creamiest rich foam I have ever used on my face.  It’s nothing like the ones I have tried previously- it’s the kind of foam you can hold in your hand then go to a disco with and it will still be there. 


RMK Foamed Soap Moisture Cleansing Skintuner Brightening Light Review 1

The cream has a really nice texture that’s nice to use on the skin, and you can also massage for a while as indicated in the instructions. However, I wouldn’t leave any cleanser on my face for too long, it just tends to irritate it.  

This cleanser didn’t cause any reactions and was surprisingly none drying despite that fact it has that slightly slippy soap feel to it as you massage it in. It has quite a strong lavender scent, bear this in mind if you are a lavender hater!  I like lavender but I think something like rose may’ve been more neutral.

Spread out.  

RMK Foamed Soap Moisture Cleansing Skintuner Brightening Light Review 2

Don’t you just want to lick it?!!  

I love this cleanser, the only problem with it is if you wear weatherproof make up or indeed heavy base make up you may need a make up remover like a cleansing oil first.  Perhaps it’s because the foam isn’t oily enough to get off stubborn make up. 

I would recommend RMK Foamed Soap for:

– People with sensitive skin

– People with dry skin

– People who want to try a foam cleanser – this is the best textured one i’ve tried

– People who want to be a bit gentler on their skin!

Then there was the Skintuner Brightening.

The RMK Skintuner range looks like a set of toners but they are not.  Instead Lotions in a Japanese context are use to hydrate the skin, rather than the Western ‘toner’ which is used to freshen up and remove traces of make up. 

In hotter, humid climates a lotion may be all women need but of course in the UK, you’ll probably want/need to top up with a moisturiser. 

They say:

A brightening moisturizer infused with Rhododendrol, an active whitening ingredient to restrain Melanin formation and to prevent future blemishes and freckles for the bright lucent complexion. 

It contains:

Royal Jelly Extract (Moisturizing)
? Carotene (Moisturizing)
Rhododendrol (Melanin suppression)
Orange Extract (Moisturizing)
Raspberry Extract (Moisturizing)
Star Fruit Leaf Extract (Moisturizing)
Glycyrrhetinic Acid (Anti-inflammatory)

RMK Foamed Soap Moisture Cleansing Skintuner Brightening Light Review 3

There is also a MOIST version of this.  

The instructions say use 4 pumps and pat over the skin or use a cotton pad.  I think 2-3 pumps is more than enough!

Getting used to a lotion like this is tricky one as I like to wipe it off! I have been using it for a few weeks and at first I had some redness after using it, but no other irritation. Now that that has stopped I am slowly paying attention to improvements in the skin.  I would say my skin looks brighter – or so people keep telling me that I look more glowy! But I am not yet noticing any fading of existing dark spots. 

However – this is a PREVENTATIVE product. At the moment with a lot of hormones going through my body and this sun I am a prime candidate for hyperpigmentation, so I am counting on this to keep my skin even.  Obviously I can’t comment on whether this has prevented any pigmentation! But getting pigmentation from the sun is a skincare concern of mine so I will keep using it as it doesn’t seem to bother my skin much and adds light hydration.

The skintuner is £32 for 150ml.

On sale on Beautybay.com and Selfridges where there are RMK counters!

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  1. Jen says

    I love the RMK Skintuners, they really do wonders for the skin…looking forward to trying the new version when I finish my old bottle