Montagne Jeunesse Tottle Face Masks; Damask Rose, Dark Chocolate, Tropical Peel Off and Sensuous Spice Review

Montagne Jeunesse, you know, those folks who make the masks in the sachets that are sold everywhere, have a new range of face masks in a tottle.

What is a tottle?

A tube and a bottle. Now you know.

Montagne Jeunesse masks I admit I haven’t touched in years, I guess because I’m more of a sheet mask gal these days and because the woman on the front of the packaging with leaves and fruit on her eyes always troubled me. Cucumber is one thing, but fresh green leaves and slices of apple? Eek.

Plus, I’m also scared of random face masks, use the wrong one and I get a huge allergic reaction.


The tottles however, did appeal to me. I guess because the different types sounded appealing (dark chocolate, mmmmm) and you get up to 10 applications per tottle – therefore it’s quite economical.

There’s 4 flavours to choose from –

Damask Rose – with marula oil and damask rose, for soothing the skin.

Dark Chocolate – is deep cleansing and moisturising

Tropical Peel Off – revitalizing and cleansing

Sensuous Spice – soothing and smoothing, this one warms up to open the pores


I like the fact that each masks smells great, didn’t give me any allergic reactions and are all quite different – so you can really pick by what flavour you like or what you need for your skin. My thoughts –

Damask Rose – this was the most soothing mask – it was quite old school, quite nice on the skin and made my skin feel softer. Quite an inoffensive but good mask.

Dark Chocolate – loved this, but I was swayed by the chocolate. This felt more like a mud mask and sucked up the excess oil from my t-zone and wasn’t too drying on my cheeks. I like!

Tropical Peel Off – probably the least effective mask but the most fun – I find most peel of masks quite useless in doing any brightening or spot shifting – I guess this one made me skin a bit brighter but more than anything else, it was fun to peel off!

Also peel off masks always remind me of Christian Bale in American Psycho in the shower scene Hubba hubba!

Sensuous Spice – this was a heated mask – if any was going to give an allergic reaction it was this but thankfully, I was ok with it. It feels quite nice when the house is a bit chilly I guess, and it helped me draw some pesky spots out. It’s quite festive, although spice isn’t for everyone I’m sure.

Verdict: Well worth a go, will cost you less than the sachets and pretty decent, fun masks.

Montagne Jeunesse are against animal testing against animal testing.

Tottles cost £4.99 each. See their natural beauty products here.

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    Oooh they sell these in the US at my pharmacy. I know what I am going to pick up and test out! I’ve been trying to find a good face mask that does what it claims and isn’t to expensive. Thank you so much for the review about these. 😀