Elizabeth Grant The Socialiizer Bright Lights & Late Nights Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Elizabeth Grant’s “The Socializer” arrived through my door.

For one thing I’ve never even heard of Elizabeth Grant, or The Socializer.

What it is, is a funky tube filled with two clicky pens:


The two pens are brightening & hydrating treatments (I thought they’d be like Touche Eclat!), the Bright Lights (for day) and Late Nights (for the evening):

Bright Lights uses Mica, a mineral light diffuser that instantly brightens, and the key to looking like it never happened. Late Nights blends peptides and Ulva Lactuta- to repair, awaken, de-puff and rejuvenate.


I do really like the packaging and the look of these products – very chic!

When you hold them against one another, the Bright Lights has a ever so slightly off white hue – very slightly mind – luckily they are black and silver so you can differentiate when in a rush!

Both come with soft brush applicators – no problem with this, it makes the product hygienic and convenient to use:


I guess I had to accept the fact that these products are not there to conceal anything – just to brighten and act as a base to a concealer. The night time treatment can be used alone.

Testing the Bright Lights:


The cream feels great on – it’s hydrating and soothing. I find concealer cakes under my eyes so this is a perfect base:


The finished article doesn’t look concealed – but I guess it looks hydrated? And more luminous…but yes, I would still apply a concealer where possible.


Night Side, Eye Before


Yep, this is my eye, day to day! So tired!:


This one is also really nice to apply, it’s hydrating and comfortable. At the same time, the finish is quite softly matte – I guess it’s bedtime ready.


I’ve been sitting on these products for months and months and I would conclude that they are rather good products – not a concealer at all (Unless you are already flawless!) but a good care product that works instead of an eye cream and as a top up on the go.

You can buy the product here, its $40 CAD.

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  1. From the pics, I think the Day one definately gives you a little boost. With a good coverage concealer, I could see that becoming a staple! Do they last a long time?

    • Hi Naz

      I guess they are like typical eye creams. They illuminate then sink into the skin….so they last an ok amount of time

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