Review: Pukka Herbs Organic Bhringaraj Oil & Other Detox Stuff

Funny word, Pukka. I blame Jamie Oliver for pushing it through into general vocabulary although I don’t actually know anyone over 9 who uses it in their daily language.

jamie oliver.jpg

Anyway, Pukka has a new home – of Pukka Herbs, of course. In this context it makes perfect sense.

1. properly done, constructed, etc.
2. genuine or real

It’s also a Hindi word, which makes sense as Pukka Herbs seems to sell a lot of Indian based herbal detox products. I swear, I am always trying to detox but my love of Bacon is…its strong.

First thing I tried was Pukka’s Bhringaraj Oil for the Hair…

They say:

‘Bhringaraj’ means ‘King of Hair’ in Sanskrit. This oil is traditionally used in Ayurveda to nourish and strengthen the hair. Its rejuvenating properties help to prevent early greying and balding.

Directions for use: Apply to the scalp 1 to 2 times per day. Apply liberally as a warm massage oil and allow to absorb into your scalp for at least half an hour, or ideally leave on overnight. Warm gently in your hands or heat naturally before applying. Wash off in a warm shower or bath after use.


So I have a lot of scalp woes and this was a lovely oil to use on my hair and scalp although there are two things –

1. Its VERY thick and

2. It doesn’t smell that nice – its not sweet, its a very straight bitter-nut kind of scent.

Now…I use Virgin Coconut Oil on my hair and it is heaven – smells wonderful and its a nice treatment that is easy to wash out. Can this rather expensive oil replace it?(£27.95 for 500ml)

Probably not. Once again this is a HEAVY oil and you need to shampoo (for me 3 times) to get it out, otherwise its that really annoying thing where you think its all washed out and you dry your hair and it looks like you rubbed a deep fried mars bar on it…or something.

But it is quite nice…for a really intensive treatment.

I’ll show you some detox bits I picked up too:

Clean Greens Powder:


This is a blend of chlorophyll-rich green foods including organic Spirulina, Kale Sprouts and Wheat Grass Juice. You mix it with juice to drink.

Now I’m Chinese, I can stomach nearly anything but this was pretty hard to swallow. Its a dried powdery thing and it is strong. I had it with Aloe Vera Juice (see at the end of the post).

I can only describe it as drinking sprout infused water with chunks in it….so it must be good.

Aloe Vera Juice!


The site is well worth a look, there’s tons of stuff!

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