Review: Saaf Pure Skincare Oils Reviews

Natural, organic and halal, Saaf skincare products had me cooing because of its cool, elegant packaging and highly natural ingredients.


Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles is the creator of Saaf, and is a Homeopath and Pharmacologist. The products are free of alcohol, no colour, no purfume. A little pricey. But so nice….

I tried two producs –


Skin Oil:

This impressive toning and smoothing oil has a high percentage of effective cold pressed Rosehip Seed Oil and Safflower Oil, perfect for sensitive skin. Fortified with natural Vitamin E and Mandarin Extract, to help keep skin supple and smooth. And in helping to promote healthy skin renewal, it can also help guard against future scarring. Rich in the traditional healing ingredients which help calm irritated and itchy skin.


The skin oil is lovely with a slight lemony smell – I used it after a shower and it took a moment to sink in and felt LOVE-LY. Rich, Gorgeous. Its supposed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and I think it did even if it was just slightly. At £32.99 it isn’t cheap but its one of those products you have that is super luxurious.

Hair Oil:

This is a unique hair-tonic formulation, containing Mustard Seed, high in selenium and zinc (lack of which has been linked to hair loss), nourishing Sesame (iron and phosphorus rich), toning Neem extract and natural Vitamin E. Blended with steam distilled Rosemary (to combat dandruff and greasy hair), Bay Leaf (traditionally used for boosting hair growth) and Ylang-ylang, known to have a stimulating effect on the scalp.


I always have time for new treatments for my scalp and this one is lovely. Virgin Coconut Oil bought in 1kg bags is still my fav treatment but this is a nice, less effort solution. It smells slightly tangy, and washes out well when you use it. Its £24.99, once again a little pricey but its a nice product.


You can browse the range here – I’d love to try the skincare.

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