Review: Blingin’ Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator

Illuminators, in reality are tricky little buggers to get right. Can’t be too sparkly, can’t be too pearly. Can’t be too dry, can’t be too creamy. Remember when Benefit High Beam was Da Bomb? How everyone used to go on about how Kylie used it, and therefore we should too, if we wanted to look like large toothed, Jason Donovan loving pixies.

Do I have a dream illuminator? No, not yet.

Sleek Makeup’s Blingin’ Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator is quite old school in that respect, it reminds me of a bronzy version of Moon Beam:


This shade is Empress, more of a gold but there is also Goddess, a darker bronze. So is it any good?


This is actually a very nice color despite looking like a bizarre tangerine. Its a beautiful warm gold that I think works best on warm skin tones, but could work on paler skins…if you really want it to.

Yeah its nice, golden, glowy. Nicer than Moon Beam anyway.


Its thick. Thicker than High Beam and Moon Beam, one of the thickest illuminators I have tried. Its not too bad although you should only use a tiny tiny bit unless you want to look like Moonface:

Moonface image by vikram-madan on Photobucket.jpg

At least with a thick illuminator you can see where its going. I hate really liquidy ones that you start to blend in and before you know it, your blending it down to your knees.



Its about £6.80 I think, for 30ml. Its definitely no more than £7. Thats a lot of product, this will last a long time so you can smother yourself in it, if you want.



Sleek Makeup seem to have taken a magic pill or something because they are getting it right (even for my fussy butt) quite a lot. The Lip Cushion, the Sleek Palettes etc. etc. They are really doing what a lot of drugstore level brands can’t…finding a niche in a competitive market at a good price but good quality too. Wow, that sounds like a business pitch! I am not employed or bribed by Sleek, you’ll be pleased to know.

View their range here, and you can buy the stuff from Superdrug, where I would urge you always check unsealed products to make sure some 16 year old hasn’t snotted in it.

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  1. Gwen says

    The packaging makes it look like sometimes from the 80s. Cheesy fonts and old-fashion illustration with fizzy hair. Teehee