Sleek i-Divine Garden of Eden Palette Review and Swatches


The newest instalment of the Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palettes is called Garden of Eden, and rather appropriately, it comes in a snakeskin print box;  Sleek eyeshadow palettes are extremely good value of money, and come with a selection of 12 colours in each palette.  They are good quality too, with soft and pigmented colours (in the past, I’ve found the palettes a bit fragile because of how soft they can be).  Here’s a closer look at […]

Sleek Blush By 3; Pink Lemonade and Californ.i.a, Review and Swatches


Despite the fact I have a huge amount of make up, can you believe I have not yet experienced Sleek Blush By 3 blusher palettes? These affordable blushers come (as you may have guessed from the name) 3 shades in one mirrored palette.  Each palette has a theme and usually complementary colours. I have two of the newest palettes to try, Pink Lemonade and Californ.i.a: Both of these palettes are extremely up my street, so […]

New: Sleek MakeUP iDivine Garden of Eden Palette and Blush By 3


I must admit I haven’t acquired any Sleek makeup for a while but the newest releases (launching the 15th of January) at Superdrug and selected Boots. If you haven’t seen my swatches of previous Sleek eyeshadow palettes you can see them here.  Anyway, Garden of Eden eyeshadow palette.  This is a predominantly earthy palette with greens as the accent, which is what I have been waiting for! I love greens! There are also earthy browns […]

Good Palette, Bad Palette: Illamasqua Neutral Palette vs. Sleek Au Naturel Palette


Maybe it’s just my old age (YOU DON’T HAVE TO AGREE WITH ME) but I have quietly shoved my beloved acid greens and luminous neon blues into the bottom drawer and rediscovered a love for all things neutral, warm, flattering.  There are so many nice neutral eyeshadow palettes out there to choose from these days, the Urban Decay Naked palettes are a good place to start but I also have a Wet ‘n’ Wild set […]

Sleek Divine Paraguaya Avoir La Peche Eyeshadow & Sugar May Swatches


Once again I am very late with Sleek swatches, but better late than never?! I can’t keep up with all of Sleek’s new releases anymore! Anyway their very pretty release, Avoir La Peche is a collection of very nice peaches. I purchased the eyeshadow palette and pout polish (I couldn’t find the blusher anywhere): Now – is this palette wearable? Not exactly but is it super cute and kind of unusual, thus worth owning just-in-case?! […]

Sleek Limited Edition i-Divine Sparkle Palette Review & Swatches


Sleek have been naughty on the customer service side. Sympathies for people who still haven’t got their products or are trying to get a refund. If it wasn’t for the fact that I always buy one of the LE palettes in order to swatch I wouldn’t have bothered. But here it is, bound in three layers of sellotape because the clientele in my local Superdrug like to open up and play with these palettes. Destructive […]

Sleek MakeUP Circus Palette: Completing the Set!


Just so I can have the full set of Sleek Palettes, I found the Circus palette on eBay and purchased it to swatch! I didn’t really go for this palette, because it was quite…clownish. Which I guess is totally the point! This is someone’s display palette! But it was in perfect condition anyway. Here is the palette – full of brights: Sure you have probably seen this a million times but I wanted to document […]

Sleek Make Up Bad Girl & Good Girl Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches and Review


I buy Sleek palettes just because I always do – I missed out on Circus because I found it hard to buy…lurid. (I may still locate one of these purely for swatching reasons). Anyway, Sleek have released two new palettes, one permanent (Bad Girl) and one Limited Edition (Good Girl)! If you want to see swatches of previous Sleek palettes, click here! I popped down to Superdrug to get these – at £5.99 each they […]

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