Sleek Divine Paraguaya Avoir La Peche Eyeshadow & Sugar May Swatches

Once again I am very late with Sleek swatches, but better late than never?!

I can’t keep up with all of Sleek’s new releases anymore! Anyway their very pretty release, Avoir La Peche is a collection of very nice peaches. I purchased the eyeshadow palette and pout polish (I couldn’t find the blusher anywhere):


Now – is this palette wearable? Not exactly but is it super cute and kind of unusual, thus worth owning just-in-case?! I think so!

The palette:#alttext#

There’s a mixture of pale cream and pinks, oranges from pale sparkly to hot orange with a considerate neutral taupe and chocolate brown for contouring.

As always, Sleek palettes are fragile and quite powdery so you can’t press too hard.

This collection was average when swatched – not super pigmented but not chalky either:


There’s a good mixture of matte and shimmer, although the presence of matte oranges is somewhat difficult to wear.

Sugar May is the colour of the pour polish. It’s such a gorgeous pretty peach:



Super pretty collection, not sure how useful a peach eye palette is but at least it’s something new. I wish I could keep track of the new releases better though, and also locate them in store – they’re always out of stock!

See my swatch collection of Sleek eyeshadows here.

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  1. sammi bear says

    I bought the put polish from them as well! Super pretty colour, but can easily find dupe, I just can’t get over the fact they put such illustration on the packaging, then use Comic Sans! Comic Sans, THE most hated and abused font for cosmetic! I was like, ‘it can’t be, ewwww!’

  2. Jen says

    I have the pout polish, it’s super-pretty on the lips, consistency is a bit thin but not too bad. I passed on the palette and blush as I thought they were pretty unwearable colours for myself, I guess with the eyeshadow you’d have to really mix it up with other colours to avoid it looking too garish! btw did you try Superdrug in Arndale Centre a week or two after it was released? That’s where I got my pout polish from, they had all 3 items in stock…that said, it’s always a bit hit and miss with Superdrug stock :)

  3. says

    Awwww pretty colors! They don’t look like something special in the pans, but they look so pretty when swatched :) I wish we had Sleek here, so that I didn’t have to order online. x

  4. Malfire says

    I got this set with the sleek primer palet. I was wondering when ye were gonna post something about these :). I like the colors of the swatches but I don’t know if I like the quality that much I tried the primer with the eyeshadow. And I’m not sure if I did it right but it just wasn’t so easy to apply evenly without chalky effect.
    I’ve never had this problem with other eyeshadow, maybe I can’t use the primer efficiently :s?

  5. liloo says

    I totally love the bottom and upper left side of this palette: just gorgeous.
    i want it. been resisting but i want it! xx