Video No. 2: Beauty Chit Chat, Can you take a compliment?

New video! Talk about slow!

Hope you like, please subscribe, rate etc. etc. if you like the tattoo and earring. Watch, if you don’t know what I mean.

Next video is about Eye Care. Yes, a sensible video for a change!

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  1. baby in a corner says

    I say thank you but then get embarrassed and change the subject! Someone said they liked my eyeshadow the other night but i just turned red.

    Talking about cultural differences, I love how confident Americans usually are!

    Has Megan auditioned for Corrie yet? (as a platform for other things). Seriously!

  2. bee says

    haha you are hilarious Rowena! I can’t take compliments well either because I am Chinese and my parents are exactly like your nan.

  3. Kirsten T says

    That’s a funny vid! Chinese can’t take compliments hmm.. I never knew that its a cultural thing.

  4. Leelas says

    I don’t have a problem taking compliments, I have a problem with what to do afterwords. I feel like I have to reciprocate to be polite, but that feels a little cheap right after getting a compliment, so I’m never quite sure what to do and change the subject.

    My parents (especially my mother), who for simplicity will be identified as Russian, also never let me go to sleep with wet hair. Something about catching a cold and dying. They also never let me sit on cement/stone or whistle inside the house, so I’m not quite sure if it was for a practical reason or a superstitious one.

  5. Giselle says

    great video! maybe its because my parents are hispanic but they always told me not to do certain things. definitely the wet hair…they still tell me to dry my hair completely or i’ll get sick. that never happened lol. i never heard of not facing the door when you sleep..why is that??

  6. Emilyjane says

    I was never allowed to go to sleep with wet hair because paper mites (tiny tiny red spiders that live in old books) would crawl into my hair and live there. (!!!??) Also compliments were not a part of life at all, so not a problem, but I think that was just 1970’s Yorkshire for you…it’s grim up North…

  7. Kirstie says

    Ha ha brilliant! Irish people can’t take compliments either, and are very suspicious about those who can. Admire someones skin and you’ll get “this old thing? Sure I was born in it”

    • Row says

      Hey Kirstie

      In that case, Chinese people and Irish people are very similar! It doesn’t matter what the compliment is, there’s always a comeback! It’s worse when someone else does the dissing for you!

  8. says

    Hilarious video. That gave me a good laugh; way better than a lot of “professional” comedy shows. Megan is so cute! I love your sideways glances; very expressive.
    I’ll stop gushing now.
    My mom still has a thing about going to sleep with wet hair. I do it all the time now that the weather is so terribly hot. Fortunately I didn’t get anything about the door.

    • Row says

      Hi Kuri

      I am so glad you like the video!

      I still get told off NOW for going to sleep with wet hair and I just can’t do it anymore – I HAVE to dry my hair it doesn’t feel right to me to sleep with wet hair!

  9. mayrei says

    I’ve never been able to take a compliment. I do the “explaining away” thing all the time. I’m trying to be better about it, though.

    • Row says

      Hi Mayrei,

      It’s hard isn’t it, I still find it tough to not say something sarcastic about myself!

  10. Alexandra says

    I find it hard to take a compliment. Mainly because i have such low confidence.
    I think thats probably down to being badly bullied when i was a kid :(

    • Row says

      Hi Alexandra

      Oh no! You can’t let bullies win you know, you have to smile and say thanks! Because that person means it :)