Second Chance Friday: Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil Review

I did a Cleansing Oil low down back in 2008 where I reviewed this very popular cleansing oil by Fancl – I didn’t like it because it smelt of Chip Fat.

A few years on, I have been a cleansing oil whore, and have decided that actually many of them are just ok. At worst, some of them have really dried out and irritated my skin – don’t know if it’s mineral oil or what but cleansing oils do a stellar job of removing make up so I am guessing some of them are pretty harsh.

I spotted this extremely cute limited edition bottle of Fancl milk cleansing oil on eBay so decided to buy it and give it a second chance.


Fancl’s Milk Cleansing Oil is actually great for sensitive skins – it’s free from mineral oil, fragrance, preservatives, petroleum sufactants etc. I got mine and started using it with trepidation..and this…it didn’t smell chip fat like at all. It smelt of…nothing. Good.

As I worked this into my face, heavy make up, waterproof make up (but not mascara – this still needs it’s own remover) came off in a jiffy. Washing it off my skin looked brighter and didn’t feel dry or irritated. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fancl are always improving the formula, as many Japanese ranges do.

What I will say is that this bottle is very easy to use up. A 120ml bottle is not big and the pump is rather erm – generous. On their site it says one bottle will do 60 uses – used twice a day, it will only last a month!

Personally I only use cleansing oil at night and only when I have a lot of make up to take off so it’s lasting me for a decent amount of time. At $26 (I paid £16 for it shipped) – it’s not that cheap.

I am reminded of why so many people swear by this cleansing oil despite all the other new ones that come out. I have decided this is my new favourite cleansing oil and is my staple for getting off difficult make up.

Worth a second chance?


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  1. Shari says

    Right now, my favorite cleansing oil is from DHC. Have you tried theirs? If so, how does it compare to Fancl?