Second Chance Friday: Kiehl’s Cream with Silk Groom Review

Next up on Second Chance Friday is the famous Kiehl’s Cream with Silk Groom, a product which I think sounds like it’s made for horses…

This product is a thick paste which moisturises the hair and helps with the styling. It’s infused with Wheat protein, Soy protein and Jojoba Oil.

My initial thoughts of this product, when I used it a few years ago was that it was horribly heavy and greasy. It made my hair lank but because it was expensive even back then I forced myself to use it up.


This super thick cream must be extremely popular because I looked in two stores that just didn’t have it in the smaller size (this stuff lasts forever, so I would never buy the big bottle)

This time around my hair is super dry and actually – ok – you have to use the SMALLEST dot, seriously, because over use and it will punish you with greasy, lank, gross hair. Which is annoying considering how long it takes to dry hair.

But use just the right amount and I must confess, my hair feels nice and soft.


Yeah this stuff is good for super damaged hair although I dunno – I guess for me it’s still a bit pesky to use cos you just can’t over do it and it makes me scared to use any other styling product.

Worth a second chance?


I bought mine from SpaceNK where I was ignored for 28 minutes (but I really wanted this!) for £17.50 for 125ml which is almost criminally expensive. Says Mr C. As he paid. Oh well.

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