Second Chance Friday: Tend Skin Solution For Ingrown Hair Review

Today I will be looking at three products that I have used in the past, disliked, and decided to try again.

I will begin with Tend Skin! I reviewed this item here and compared it to my favourite ingrown hair product, PFB Vanish.

I bought this recently on a trip to London – I could feel an ingrown hair forming so Mr C had to make a dash to HQ Hair to find this for me.


The bottle has been updated – it’s sleeker and the first thing I notice is that it’s not as stinky as it was before (when it was very vinegary). It also didn’t sting too much on the skin which is good.

However – whereas with PFB, where hairs are brought the the surface after 1 or 2 days, I found that Tend Skin calmed my skin down nicely but didn’t seem to help draw the hair out. So once again I am unimpressed.



To be honest it’s kinda expensive for what is essentially Isopropyl Alcohol and Salicylic Acid…hmmm. I have a 5 litre bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol in my bathroom that cost £4 (for washing brushes!).

Worth the Second Chance?


This costs £11.60 from HQ Hair. You get 118ml which is a good amount.

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