Frugal Friday: Buying second hand beauty books & my favourite childhood beauty book!

I absolutely love Usborne books and they were my favourite as a kid. They were pretty expensive for me so I used to go to the library on the Saturday and borrow them – I used to constantly renew some of them (I must’ve kept them for months and months!) and get annoyed if I had to hand it back because someone had reserved it!

I was browsing Amazon the other day and got nostalgic.  I managed to find this book, An Usborne Guide to Fashion & Style which was the EXACT book I used to borrow endlessly!

Usborne used to do this thing where they released a series then put it all together as a compilation.

Usborne Fashion Style Beauty Guide

Fashion & Style combines 4 books – Jewellery, Fashion, Make Up and Hair! Obviously this book is dated and out of print now! Check out the hairstyles!

The make up section was my favourite and to be honest, some of the tips are still quite good!

Check out this 80s look! Did you used to tie a scarf around your head!?

Usborne Fashion Style Beauty Book


Usborne Beauty Book Fashion Style

The polka dot look!

Usborne Fashion Style Beauty Book 1

The style section is ok, and so is the hair (altho it tells you how to do a home perm!).

Check out this Papier Mache bracelet!!!!!  I made this! I mashed up the paper and moulded it although it fell apart! Classy eh?

Usborne Fashion Style Book

The haircuts – so 80s!

Usborne Fashion Book Beauty

I love this book, I had a great time reading it again!  I spent a lot of time doing crafts when I was growing up it seems!

Do you have any childhood/teenage books you’d love to read again?

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  1. says

    Oh I remember that book!!! I used to love that one and How to Sew which was my mum still has it’s full of great 70s stuff to make. Like a snake to keep the draughts out and an owl

  2. J says

    You gotta love the 80s style lol I’m sure I had some of those Harry Potter-esque glasses!
    I remember reading the Babysitters Club series, Sweet Valley High lol

  3. liloo says

    haha. best post ever. what the frick are these curls on her head.
    aww this reminds me of the drawings i used to do when i was a teen.
    i wanted to be a fashion designer. ROFL xx

  4. BooBooNinja says

    I remember these books!! My dad got them for my sister and I from the discount bookstore near his office. This brings back a lot of great memories. Thanks for writing about them!

  5. BooBooNinja says

    Can you post more scans?
    I want to walk down memory lane with you.
    It would be awesome if you could scan the instructions for one of the book’s looks and post a FOTD with it.
    This is an incredible find.

  6. Gordita says

    LOL! Oily eyelids would soon kill the polka dot lids, and there’s a small bit about “outline your lips with orange lip pencil and fill it in with orange lipstick” – can you even get orange lip pencils nowadays!?

    I’m nostalgic for those kind of books too! This is great.