Skincare Supplement Trial with Works with water; Help: Clear Skin Drinks

My skin is definitely looking a lot better these days (skincare routine chit chat at a later point) but that doesn’t mean I don’t still get the odd spot. Generally they’re little things,  ALWAYS squeeze because I can’t stand have a lump of white pus on my face, sometimes I get big nasty boil-type growths that hurt and are no where near ready to rear their heads.

Apart from cleansing properly (which I am a bit lazy about) and eating well (kebabs, anyone), I have though about taking a skincare supplement for some time (at the moment I just take a DHC vitamin B supplement).

Help: Clear Skin is a supplement from Works with Water, which is 100% natural and is supposed to help you clear acne, blemishes, oiliness in 6 weeks. I have previously tried a Melvita Mint & Blackcurrant supplement which I thought worked great.

They say that Clear Skin is a ‘Natural blemish treatment is achieved with the use of Praventin™, a clinically proven bioactive protein, rich in lactoferrin. Clinical trials have shown it to reduce the development of the bacteria, helping to prevent the formation of blemishes and helping you to achieve a smoother, clearer, healthier complexion.’

Works With Water Clear Skin

I have a 6 weeks worth of these sachets and will begin testing them on Monday – I was supposed to start this ages ago but I’ve had too much going on.  The good thing is, I’ve realised that if I leave things on my desk at work I will always remember to take them (boredom perhaps!?).  So this is where these boxes will go.

They have a really cute and useful chart on their site:


Clear Skin

Basically you have 2 per day, add to cold drinks, add to hot drinks, add to cereal, soup, have one for breakfast and one at lunch. DONE.

I did have one question though – I am lactose intolerant.  This product is fine for vegetarians, diabetics and lactose intolerant people. How about if you are milk sensitive? The answer……

Most milk allergies are caused by milk proteins – essentially the milk whey and casein. Although Praventin is not exactly milk whey and casein, it is made up of its components – which means that to be on the safe side we say that help: clear skin is unsuitable for people with milk allergies.

I’lll let you know if this product does upset my tummy, I’m hoping that it won’t but you never know.

Update in 6 weeks or so!

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  1. NoBunny says

    Can’t wait to see how this one turns out! I’m 22 and in my teenage years didn’t really suffer with acne but now I do, especially my cheeks, chest, and back.

  2. J says

    Looking forward to seeing how these work out for you, I saw them in Boots one time and thought they looked interesting. I’ve tried those Perfect Complexion tablets (been around for ages, in an orange box) in the past but found they didn’t really do much, so hopefully these ones work better!