My new beauty obsession! Gyaru Look Beauty Brands I Currently Crushing On; Candydoll, Melliesh, Dollywink

I have brand crushes from time to time, at the moment I am nuts for Dollywink, Candydoll and Melliesh (all Japanese brands!). I have bought so many bits from them in the last few weeks. Anyway I realised they have a pattern; all these brands promote the ‘Gyaru’ look.

So these brands focus on blushers, pale lip colours, fake lashes, eyeliners…all the essentials of this look!

Whilst the full look is a bit too much for me personally (the contacts freak me out), I love how cute the blush and lips are and it’s nice change from the usual sheer, shimmery Japanese formulas.

Current Crushes:

Dollywink is modelled/designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka – I love their nail polishes, lash glue, liquid eyeliner and they have a lovely range of false lashes.

I bought 6 of their polishes to review!


Candydoll has a funky range of blushers (including one called Carrot orange and it is a shade of carrot!). They have some lip glosses with luke warm reviews and a new range of lipsticks which I have bought and will review shortly:

#alttext#Melliesh is produced by Yui Kanno – their range is less well known than Dollywink and Candydoll but I really like it!

Their lip glosses are supposed to be ‘concealer and gloss’ meaning it will give a nice full coverage even for people with naturally rosy lips. I have already bought their eyeliner, 2 glosses and 4 blushers to try.


What are your current brand crushes, and is there a reason why?

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  1. says

    Yeah, I crush on Dollywink, Candydoll and Melliesh too. They are SO CUTE. *_* Eventually I’ll buy some of their products.

    I think Tarina Tarintino’s brand is cute too. Did just order some of that lipgloss.

  2. joyce says

    hi row how are u finding the dollywink nailpolishes? i’m going to tokyo next week and i’m planning to check them out!