Lip Fusion Plump & Replump Liquid Lipstick in Red

I did a few stupid beauty things today. First, I mistook conditioner for shampoo – this meant the thing didn’t lather and I used up half a bottle wondering why it wasn’t working.

Secondly, I applied a lipgloss to my cheek, thinking it was blush. Not my fault I swear! I have a Pixi blusher in a peach which looks just like a Pixi Lipgloss I have. It’s super sticky gunky stuff too.

Thirdly, used a Nars Brow pencil as a lipliner as I mistook it for my lipliner, Creole, which is a nude brown. Ooh, this is darker than I remembered I thought. That’s because its a BROW pencil, stupid!

Stupidity aside, me and the other half went to Buffet City, the local Chinese buffet place. I’ve been once before and it was pretty crappy – I know it’s quantity over quality but most of the chavs seem to love it.

However all is not lost – I used my Lip Fusion Plump and Replump Liquid Lipstick is stunning:


This shade is Runway, a true red.


So I did a quick look before going out for some awful food.

IMG_0517.JPG.jpg @ 100% (RGB_8#).jpg

Very simple routine:

La Mer Foundation in Neutral
La Mer Powder in Translucent
Lunasol Eye Primer
Nars Blusher in Sin
IPSA Concealer
L’oreal black eyeliner in Black
MUFE Gold Eyeliner
AUBE Mascara Coil Comb

Did I tell you how much I love La Mer Foundation? My skin ususally looks horrid under flash, but without any photoshopping and a fairly harsh flash on:

IMG_0554.JPG.jpg @ 100% (RGB_8#).jpg

I love lipfusion. It’s super pigmented and it tingled a bit although I didn’t notice any plumping – I don’t need it though – having said that, if I had paid £26 specifically for plumping it would annoy me. For pigmentation and longevity though I give it top marks and its suprisingly wearable – I didn’t feel self concious wearing it out and about at all.

Recommended – but it’s pricey stuff but a wearable red that lasts and lasts.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Fringe envy! Mine is so shoddy at the moment. I’m a bit wary of using lip plumping products – though with such a tiny mouth and lips I am in dire need. I tend to get it smudged then end up big purple blotches as it works its magic on my face.. Deary me I am a mess. T

  2. Mary says

    You are so funny! I really enjoyed your review. I read good information on the product, got a visual and had a chuckle too. I will be back for more.

    Mary Lou
    P.S. I read reviews all of the time. This is the first I responded to!